Watch This 1100hp M3-Supra Lovechild Go Berserk On The Nurburgring

A highly-tuned Supra engine in a retro Beemer is as mad and bad as it sounds
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You’d have to be mad to tune a Toyota Supra straight-six engine to 1100hp. You’d have be crazy to then transplant that engine into an E30 BMW M3. Then to take the Supra-M3 to the Nurburgring GP circuit and lap it against Porsche GT2s and Ferrari 430 Scuderias? Well, you’d have to be as nuts as this guy:


How sensational are those final turn drifts? Running on E85 Ethanol, this is a pretty subtle-looking conversion, with no major cooling giveaways and even E60 BMW M5 rear wheels fitted. The makeshift side-exit exhaust is a gnarly touch too, for a car that produced between 192hp and 235hp when new. Now it’s got more power than a Bugatti Veyron, or two Jaguar XFR-Ss.

The ultimate Ultimate Driving Machine? You saw it here first!

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    all i got to say… damn

  • Batty Coda

    I have a gall bladder, a kidney, a lung and my firstborn daughter
    that I don’t need.
    Who owns this monster, and where do I book the flight to?

    • Bmw e34

      Book your flight to Norway ;) Come visit Gatebil next year and he will probably be there with his sick e30

    • Tommy Hansen

      His name is Vidar Jødahl and he live in Sørumsand, Norway :) he also dragrace with this monster hehehe :)


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