Watch A Jaguar XJ Supersport Crash At The ‘Ring

The Green Hell strikes again, this time claiming one of Britain's finest
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Picture 5

Ah, the Nurburgring. You can always rely on it to take to take at least one expensive victim a month. Speaking of which, here we have a Jaguar XJ Supersport that’s now sitting in a workshop.

But this is no ordinary Jaguar XJ Supersport. This is one of the cars that Jaguar uses to demonstrate the capabilities of its flagship barge to potential customers by scaring the be-jeezus out of them on track. These Jags are equipped with racing seats, harnesses, a roll cage and, rumour has it, sick bags to give would-be Jaaag owners the full 5-litre, 500bhp V8 experience.

Picture 4

Watch as this XJ enters the left curve at substantial speed after which it struggles to slow down before the right hander that immediately follows. The Big Cat gives the Armco an almighty pasting, yet looks remarkably straight afterwards. Whether this strength was enough to persuade the passenger to part with £91,000 or not is unknown…

Video 1

Video 2

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  • Nikita Rushmanov

    so you’re telling me jags don’t have abs?????

  • Niky Tamayo

    It’s a track-modified Jag. They may have disconnected the ABS system.

  • Sander Kamp

    Clever…. Turn of ABS when you don’t know how to drive a car. Which corner is this? (northern/southern part?)

    • To Bi

      The Jag is coming straight out of Fuchsröhre there and hits the barrier in the corner before Adenauer Forst (thats where usually all the kewl bikers and other idiots go straight over the curbs because of the blind tight left).

    • Johann

      It’s at Adenauer Forest, so your headed north and its the small and tight S-curve, after you come down from Aremberg and go through Fox Hole

  • mathew

    All he would have had to have done would be to let off the brakes and correct with some throttle. But the whole time he was in a slide he never let off the brakes.

  • Tom Cios

    Noob driving?? U never lock and hold the brakes. Al he had to do was release the brakes to regain control

  • Chris Hewitt

    Lame video

  • Patrick Morgan

    Ok, for everyone who is saying “let off the brakes to regain traction”

    1. Only the inside wheel was locked up, not both front wheels.

    2. You can hear a change in pitch of tire squeal half way through the slide indicating the driver did release some brake pressure. Also,

    3. Do you actually think Jaguar would hire inexperienced drivers for this kind of work?

    Again, the internet proves that comment sections are full of know-nothings who will speak as though they are experienced…

    • Jesse

      An actual driver would not have gone into the corner that fast, plus he wasnt even on the line. It could have been handled differently

      • Edoardo x

        the line was good, watch carefully how the turn is made, look where the curbs are especially, but he was (obviously) too fast

        • Ben

          Edoardo if that is the correct line into the right hander i would question your knowledge. Why would you hug it so tight? He stuffed it from the start with to much pace which threw him off line for the next corner which in turn screwed him all around.

      • Tommy

        drivers on test runs are SUPPOSED to push the car to its limits. on his next run hell know the limit of the car and improve his over all time. mistakes do happen, but in racing you make sure you learn, and apply.

    • GT-Alex

      3) Yes. Or drivers who has a lot of experience doing shit.

      More seriously, that’s a natural reaction hard to avoid when you’re not racing / driving hard regularly. But he could have easily gone through this releasing the brakes more / completely. Maybe he would have cut some grass, but that’s no big deal, compared to the wall.

      Look carefully : he brakes and locks before the turn, and releases the brakes : the car instantly turn sharply. At this point, he would have been able to apply progressively some throttle (or brutally if he wanted to slide), but he slams the brakes again instead, so he locks up, leading to a new total loss of direction.

  • liam

    it’ll buff out….

  • XtremeAce0

    that turn sucks, hard to get the line right. shoulda stayed to the left and broke earlier.

  • MirukiHazard

    Too soon, Junior.

  • Jeffrey McDonough

    Surprisingly that didn’t do as much damage as I thought it would.

    • NickOff

      Not too much body damage, but you did see the wheel right?

      • Jeffrey McDonough

        Yeah, the only way I can describe it is about 15-20* positive camber. Which still, my wheel looked like that after slamming into a curb at 45. But then again, I’m pretty sure this car is more durable than a ’97 Civic.

  • HerpaDerpa

    The ferocity of that fapping once the car crashed is astonishing.

  • Guest

    why a jag superspor no matter what it will never be as good as an M5

  • The-stig

    Why a Jag supersport it’ll never be as good as the BMW M5!

  • car chap 2.0

    He may have disconnected the abs and tcs or it may have been an malfunction of the jaguar’s electronics but anyway shame he crashed it….


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