Watch A Garbage Truck Crush A Car Like Paper

Have you ever looked at a garbage truck and wondered if it could crush a car? Here's proof it can
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om nom nom nom

What better way is there to show off the crushing force of a new garbage truck than by feeding a Grand Am into the truck’s mouth? Answer: there isn’t a better way.

truck 2

So that’s exactly what the workers from Scranton Manufacturing in ‘Murica did. And for that we thank them. The video footage you’re about to watch shows the power of this 7.5-tonne truck’s hydraulic system, that runs at an operating pressure of 2750 PSI…that’s a shit load of PSI, in case you hadn’t noticed.

truck 3

It’s clear then that this game of car vs garbage truck will only end one way. Pretty cool, huh?


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  • White neck

    So many rednecks……

  • SkippyThorson

    If you and a hundred of your buddies find enjoyment in the workings of a garbage truck… You might be a redneck.

    • rightfullytrue

      With a name like “Skippy” I wouldn’t be teasing any one about being a redneck

      • SkippyThorson

        If you actually think my name is Skippy, you must have been there; right up front.

  • Justin Katz

    I love how everyone here is hating on a bunch of rednecks. Heres why all of you are ignorant.
    1. This is obviously a factory where things are built. This just so happens to be a brand new garbage truck that crushed a car. So more than likely they are admiring a piece of machinery that they built and put hard work into.
    2. This truck is probably worth 5x times as much as all of your cars put together. Who wouldn’t want to watch a 500,000 dollar machine at work?

  • rico

    rednecks likes cannibalism!!

  • Sean Cassidy

    The police should just drive around in one of those in the uk, and crush any cars with no insurance on the spot lol


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