Watch A 2000bhp Gallardo Destroy Everything On The Drag Strip

When a Gallardo has this much power, even going in a straight line is a battle
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Screenshot 2013-06-19 at 15.53.17

We’ve featured some pretty powerful tuned cars recently, but this Lamborghini Gallardo is the most powerful street car we’ve seen. With 2005bhp it’s a car that easily destroys any competitor on the drag strip.

And don’t think it’s going up against tuned Hondas, either; the cars willing to take on the mighty Gallardo include 1000bhp+ Nissan GTRs and that Veyron beating Juke we showed you last week.

Screenshot 2013-06-19 at 15.52.03

The mental power comes courtesy of Underground Racing, who fit custom made twin-turbos, a custom air intake and cooling system and an exhaust made from ‘aircraft quality metal’. The short block is race spec and balanced, with a full blueprint of the engine. Racing fuel is pumped into the engine by high flow fuel pumps – custom made, of course.

What makes this Lambo all the more crazy is the fact that it can’t go in a straight line properly. With so many horses coursing through each of the four wheels, we see the driver drift and slide his way up the straight rather awkwardly…

The Gallardo’s power does amount to some rather respectable times, with the quarter mile dispatched in 10.293 seconds, while the the mile marker is hit in 23.479 seconds at 230mph. If that wasn’t enough to impress you, it also sounds the nuts.


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  • Mickey Jizzle

    I’m completely amazed it’s not faster than that. A standard Suzuki GSX-R 1000 will do the standing quarter in 10 seconds flat, so you’d think a 2000bhp ANYTHING would be faster than that.

    • Juyoung

      I thought that with that much power, it should have easily broke into the 9s, not 11s..stock lambos runs 11s lol, but what really matters is the enormous trap speed, 155 mph at the 1/4!! That’s serious balls tight there

      • Anonymous Raw GM

        checkout ARS Evo times..

    • Evan

      I believe everything is built purposely for the mile run. I’m sure with a gear swap it would run retarded times, while trying to stay hooked up

  • Tom D

    I see your Gallardo and raise you an equally-highly-modified Suzuki Hayabusa…

  • Markus Kunnas

    Duct tape + 500 bhp

  • guy

    what an absolute wast eof money and time…. 2000bhp and cant even brake the 10 second barrier? what the fuck were they thinking, in scotland, there was a nissan micra with a pulsar/sunny gtr engine running 500-600bhp that broke the 10 second mark… I hope im right when i say its down to the driver who did seem to fuck gears and get a poor launch on each run

    • multi21

      The gears are ratio’d for top end rather than acceleration, that’s why, as you can see, the drivers are not in such a hurry off the line. In case you didn’t read, that was 1 mile in 23 @ 230. I doubt your Micra could ever come close

      • Anonymous Raw GM

        go check the ARS Evo time. 1/4 mile = 9 seconds 1mile =23.9 seconds @212mph. And this is from a 2.1 litre engine putting out 1392 hp! Besides Drag races are about accelerating to the finish line quicker. Tall gearing was provided on the Lambo to aid shifting because the car put out too much power to be able to shift fast on short gearing.

    • andrew78596

      Hofman’s ugr gallardo hit 8.3 in the quarter VERY conservatively. And that’s only because it was made for timed events. All these other ugr gallardo’s are made for mile events/highway runs where a launch doesn’t matter. Look at the trap speeds. 155 is a slow for a stage 2R build. The driver didn’t go full throttle or redline for the first gear… maybe the second also… even though it looked like it because he was loosing traction.

  • hi

    let top gear drive it. lol

    • Alex Go

      I can imagine Jeremy`s face…

      • Mike


  • dopie

    lol those drivers were shit

  • JJ

    where is this drag strip?


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