9 Driving Excuses The Hot Fuzz Hates To Hear

Stay away from these 9 phrases, and we’re sure you’ll be on your way in no time - probably...
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However excellent a driver you are (or think you are), it’s a near inevitability that at some point in your driving career, you’re gonna get pulled over. Keep clear of these phrases and you’ll be on your way with the minimum of fuss – unless they happen to be true…

Whether it’s a random stop-check, drifting a few mph over the posted limit, leaving it a bit late to renew your tax, or neglecting to buckle-up on even just one occasion, you can be damn sure Mr Plod’ll be on your tail faster than you can say Police Complaints Commission.

Give us your worst excuses in the comments section.

Image credit: Kevin Winslow & Lord Jim

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