Volvo Is Bringing Sexy Back With The Concept Coupé

The stunning Concept Coupé proves the Swedes can still do sexy
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Volvo has been teasing us ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show. A leaked image here, a subtle video there, the Swedes have been building our anticipation towards the reveal of the Concept Coupé. And here it is, in all its elegantly sculpted glory.


In the old days Volvos were beautiful creatures but, like an ageing model, they forgot how to be sexy. They instead focussed on boring stuff like keeping occupants safe and out of harm’s way. But things are about to change as new Senior Vice President of Design, Thomas Ingenlath, has decided its time to return to the golden age of the stunning P1800.

Image via

Image via

And so, in an attempt to reignite Volvo’s pretty youth, the Concept Coupé is born. The bold, muscular lines that stretch the length of the car give it an imposing stance and lightly reference the P1800, as does the long, low bonnet.

Unfortunately the Coupé won’t be seeing production. It was created as the first of three concepts that demonstrate Volvo’s new design structure, which they claim allows their designers more freedom to create emotive vehicles. So what you see here is partly fantasy, but shows off design features that will first be displayed on the new XC90.


That means the big Volvo will get the same angular rear lights, with the smart T-shaped Daytime Running Lights an integral feature of future Volvo headlights. Similarly likely to make it to the new XC90 is the large portrait touch-screen in the centre console, which is linked to an adaptive digital display and head-up display in front of the driver.


Power comes from a petrol-electric hybrid, which Volvo will be using in the most powerful versions of its new four-cylinder Drive-E engines, which it claims will bring power figures into V8 territory. We like the sound of a Polestar-esque hybrid saloon that looks this good. Over to you, Volvo…

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  • Anders

    The P1800 is still the best looking volvo ever

  • Tommy

    Love this car. Volvo forever

  • William Berrios

    v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-volvo music

    *rick ross grunt


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