This Woman Got A DUI, Then Called Her Two Drunk Friends To Pick Her Up

When their friend was arrested for DUI, these 'adults' took irresponsibility to the next level
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This will probably be the most hilariously irresponsible case of drink driving you’ll hear over the festive period. A woman in New Jersey has been arrested for driving under the influence, along with her two friends called to pick her up from the police station.

The incident happened on December 16th. At 1:45am, an officer pulled a car over after observing it swerving across lanes. Carmen Reategui, 34, was behind the wheel and failed the field sobriety tests. She was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol, and was also subsequently charged with failure to stay in her lane and failure to provide a vehicle insurance card.


Once processed, Reategui called Nina Petracca, 23, to pick her up from the police station. Petracca arrived and the officer began explaining a potential liability form. The officer began to suspect she was drunk, so had her undertake a sobriety test in the lobby. She failed.

Later, the girls called 33-year-old Ryan Hogan, who arrived at the station to collect them. Again, an officer began explaining a liability form and again smelt alcohol. Hogan also failed a sobriety test and was also arrested for DUI.

The three friends eventually managed to find a sensible grown up to take them home. While this is obviously a laughable situation, we should also remember that driving while drunk is disgraceful behaviour. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive, unless they’re complete morons.

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  • Shaurya Singh

    Plot twist : The cop was tripping the whole time.

    • Sander Kamp

      Plot twist: The kids are undercover cops.

      • Javier Caldera

        22 jump street

      • Scott Jackson

        Plot twist: The cops not even a real cop.

    • Chris Fauteux

      Plot twist: Upon reading the liability form, the officer discovered he himself was drunk


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