This Twin-Engined Octavia Is The World’s Most Extreme Skoda

This is easily the most exciting Skoda we've ever seen...
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Skoda Octavia VRS Bimoto

How do you make a Skoda Octavia more exciting? That’s easy, just stick an extra engine in the back. This unhinged monster created by Ghita Silviu from Romania runs two highly-tuned VAG 2-litre TFSI engines. The one in the rear puts out around 330bhp, and the one at the front an even more extreme 460bhp. That’s a combined figure of nearly 800bhp. In a Skoda.

Skoda Octavia VRS Bimoto

Both engines work independently of one another, both with their own cooling system, air intake and clutch. Each unit powers its nearest axle, making this Octavia four-wheel drive.

Skoda Octavia VRS Bimoto

All this makes for one devastatingly fast Octavia. 0-62mph apparently takes just 2.5 seconds, and it’ll smash past 120mph in 9 seconds. If you want to see how fast that looks, just take a look at it tearing up a drag strip in the videos below.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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  • -_-

    But will it blend…

  • Riley

    makes me want to put some sort of v8 in the back of a geo metro….super sleeper

    • Dave

      I’ve always thought a 1UZ would work well. All aluminum so it’s light, and with the rev limit bumped up a few k they scream.

  • Vince

    now that’s what a call four wheel drive

  • dave

    stil cant beat the 1994 lancer with 2 evo engines

    • Anonymous Raw GM

      link please?

  • ToyotaSupra

    Because uprading one engine to an 800hp engine with forced induction is too mainstream…

    Anyways, 2.5 sec’s are just ridiculous and everybody should get one for free lol

  • Kris Burns

    thats awesome, but why more power in the front?

    surely it would be better if more power was to the back wheels? just thinking logically dont call me dumb lol

    • Jacob Nangle

      it would produce too much torque at the back and send the front in the air! then there would be no reason for an engine at the front all together

      • Novac Darius-Fabian

        But having an Engine also in the front would help towards that issue. Engines aren’t lightweight soo yeah.

        • Kris Burns

          exactly i figured it would launch the car better being ‘pushed’ more then ‘pulled’ not to say this thing doesnt move, its an animal

      • Beck0266

        Haha. What a load of rubbish. The weight of the engine at the front would mean it wouldn’t lift up. Look up how wheelie cars work mate. No front-mounted engine.

        • Mike Beers

          but what about drag cars with the engine in the front hmmmmm? theyll wheelie all day

    • onewheelofsteel

      I’m thinking maybe it was a build issue. As in since the engine is in the front; it can cool better; thus allowing the potential for more power. Also, better intercooler performance due to getting more air flow from the front;

      Though if its running a air to water intercooler, its a moot point.

      • Kris Burns

        i thought of cooling, but surely, cutting ducts in the door would suffice? i donno, just seems backwards to me :)

  • Gavin Reken

    I want to see it do donuts!!

  • Andrei Hellaflush

    That awesome feel you get when Car Throttle writes an article about a car from your country

  • Doge

    very extreme, much cool, such power, wow much skoda, wow

    • martindaman

      this is getting old..

      • woodenGeko

        Such hate, very dislike, much spite, wow.

  • Meeve

    I wonder how much it weights

    • Ghita Silviu

      1470 KG without driver

      • Adrian Mocanu

        Bravo Domnule Ghita Silviu,spor la treaba in continuare :D

      • Meeve

        Not THAT bad considering it has 2 engine.

  • Robert

    It has 2 VAGs? (If you know what I mean)

    • yorbenm

      Marsupials like kangeroos and koalas have three VAGs, if you know what i mean. (no seriously, look it up lol)

  • Novac Darius-Fabian

    Romania FTW !

  • Peter Negru

    hey, its in romainia!

  • cookiemonsta

    Ey how bout them gas prices mate? That must kill you

  • Hunter

    I prefer this one, built by highschool students, first ever isca approved student design, and melted the paint off the shop ceiling :3

    • alex

      What kind of school funding do they have…damn


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