Watch This Toyota Avensis Make Front-Wheel Drive Drifting Look Easy

This diesel Avensis estate is the ultimate drift sleeper
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Screenshot 2013-07-03 at 15.19.52

This chap in Belarus has mastered the art of drifting. Holding slides and threading the eye of the needle between parked cars is his bread and butter. Except that he doesn’t have a Nissan Silvia. Or an old BMW. Or even rear wheel drive, for that matter. His weapon of choice is a front wheel drive Toyota Avensis. Diesel. Estate.

Screenshot 2013-07-03 at 15.20.41

Anyone who has watched saloon racing with front wheel drive racers will know that, when you get sideways, a boot-full of throttle will help bring you out of the slide. Here we see that perfectly replicated under complete control. What makes it even more impressive is that the Avensis only has about 100bhp to keep itself in check.

This video proves that all you need to drift is a heavy right foot and a well adjusted handbrake. And perhaps a bit of rain…


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  • Mr B

    wouldn’t work without other tyres on the rear… good car control but kind of senseless with different tyres

    • Mr B

      at least I think it’s different tyres lol

      • Pacerace

        It definitely is. Steelies on the rear, with alloys on the front. I wonder if he was using slicks on the rear so the wet conditions gave him little to no grip on the rear end. Props to him, best ass-dragging I’ve ever seen!

        • pil

          its not only in the tire… he has probably super stiff rear suspension to give it no body roll thus no side bite, and he has probably added some weight to have 60% or more rear weight. i could talk all day about this.

          • suckit

            it’s good you didn’t

  • kujiwara

    The trick is to make sure the front tires never lose traction, which isn’t very hard to do with a corolla. But the really hard part is the ultra-preise steering action required to slide a FF around a long corner. Great job!


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