This Stunning Video Of The New GT3 Will Make You Forget About That PDK Nonsense

The new GT3 has proved to be controversial, but there's no denying it looks and sounds incredible
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The new Porsche 911 GT3 has proved to be fairly controversial. Gone is the involving manual transmission, replaced by a rapid-changing PDK. And the electric power steering has purists weeping into their race suits. But jump in the driver’s seat with an open mind and you’ll be richly rewarded.

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That’s the opinion of Andreas Preuninger, the man responsible for the team that developed the new GT3. In this video you get an insight into his thought processes on the car’s development, and can hear that 3.8-litre flat six rev all the way to 9,000, as he reassures us that the car will still invoke emotion and feed your senses.

Forget about all the purist nonsense, the new GT3 is a beast.


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  • Chris

    The manual transmission is the purist form of driving. Albiet the funnest. Why just take it away? why not let people have the option to have it put in instead of just taking it away.

  • Carz

    idk, manual can be fun if your not in a city, but if you have per say an amazing automatic that will give you the best shift possible Everytime, then that’s a blessing. Put a hand on the wheel, one out the window and just enjoy driving. Relax and focus on cutting up those corners instead of shifting. Enjoy the car and trust it

  • Unknown

    Not sure how you guys feel about it but I’m 17 and I’ve had 2 daily drivers so far in my 1996 lancer and a 06 miata (mx5) which is sport automatic and has paddle shifters. I took both cars on some country back road really twisty and all and took both cars on different days. No matter how cheap my lancer was, I really missed manual =[, The mx 5s sport automatic is truely amazing, shifts beautifully and and the paddle shifters are decent but nothing comes close to a manual in terms of twisty roads. Downshifting, rev matching, heel toeing. All these can’t be experienced in an automatic =[.

    I can’t comment on dual clutches as they are technically a manual (gear box and a automatic clutch) but I believe it does take away the fun in driving a little bit. Dual clutches although would be fun as just to clock fastest laps I believe, the GTR seems like a great example and all the other super cars.

    • Alasdair

      Dude… your 17. Howd you afford this shit?

      • Malik

        What he said^

    • Chris Platt

      Heel toeing…lol. You forgot the most important thing to do in a RWD…Clutch kicking!!!


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