This Is How Stupid Just Bieber Would Look In Fast & Furious 7

Justin Bieber in an F&F movie? Not really (thank God), but this brilliant clip shows us what it could be like...
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Screenshot 2013-07-04 at 16.08.00

With the hype surrounding Fast and Furious 6 still with us, Vin Diesel has already announced that F&F7 will be released on July 11th, 2014. Naturally they’ve got a few actors in mind, and it turns out a certain teen pop idol could be in the running to make a starring role.

Ladacris spoke to reporters on the F&F6 red carpet, and gave a pretty strong hint that Justin Bieber could make an appearance in the next movie. Suddenly the runway scene has a contender for least credible moment in the series…

Screenshot 2013-07-04 at 16.09.06

But how would JB fit into the film? The guys at Hollywood life commissioned Nicolas Gonzalez to sift through footage of the Canadian pop star in action to see if his face would fit. The result is a brilliantly edited mashup of the Fast and Furious 6 trailer, with shots of Justin performing in music videos, television shows and kerbside scraps with photographers.

Here’s hoping Justin’s tour commitments get in the way of this happening. We couldn’t even handle a cameo.


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  • Jason Smith

    Ladacris HAHA

  • mitch

    keep that kid out of the drivers seat.

  • Rick Elliott Jr

    Haha, oh god. The moment Justin Beiber becomes a major character in the F&F series, is the time I stop watching.

  • Darren

    If that happens, I would not be going to see it

  • Daniel Mtz

    I guess I won’t see the finale of the Fast & Furious series if this happens.

  • Nonyadamn Business

    YES! Michelle Rodriguez wasted Beiber! Now I know why she is my favourite actress since Resident Evil and SWAT! HEHE!

  • glenn

    i want him to be in it just to see how tiny he is next to the Rock. they should have a flex off.

  • Benjamin Pietowski

    maybe if he is killed in the first minute

    • Benjamin Pietowski

      skip that in the first second

  • guy

    Justin Bieber should dead in FNF


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