This Ford GT Carves Up Traffic On The Run From The Law

Ever wondered how it feels to try and outrun the police in a supercar? Wonder no longer...
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What we have here is some intense on-board footage of a lightly modified Ford GT attempting to out-run the fuzz. Our pixelated driver has taken his supercar out for a blast on the freeway when his passenger, Super Speeders’ Rob Ferretti, spots a cop in the distance. Sure enough, the in-car equipment picks up a police radar gun that has caught them travelling rather too briskly, and after the briefest of discussions about whether to go for it, they take the only sensible option – they give it the beans.

On board with a Ford GT. Brace for illegal shenanigans and awesome noise.

On board with a Ford GT. Brace for illegal shenanigans and awesome noise.

This particular GT made 617rwhp thanks to a chip and bigger throttle body, and our driver made full use of that in his escape. Acting as a spotter, Ferretti helps carve a route through traffic, using radios to keep tab on their pursuers. In amongst the mild panic is the sound of that glorious V8, highlighted by the Ford Racing exhaust.

What is not apparent is the outcome for the driver and passenger, although the video does close with news of a police car closing in on them and the passenger repeating the line “we are f****d”. One can only imagine that if the law did catch up with Thelma and Louise, they were unlikely to have responded with any sympathy whatsoever.

You will perhaps be unsurprised to learn that this Ford GT is now in the scrapheap in the sky, having met its untimely demise shortly before Ferretti took over its payments.


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  • Adnan Ebrahim

    What happens next?! I need the next instalment. Screw it, gonna buy the DVD…

  • Markus Kunnas

    Over 90% of the pursuits ends for cops catching them, this is just stupid thing to do.

  • Muk Shahzad

    they get caught. gay video

  • MrViicc

    theres actually a part 2 where it shows what happened they dont get caught they hide behind a dealership..

  • …really?

    The car ended up in the Middle East, somebody fixed it up.


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