This Explosive Saab 9-5 R Is An Unhinged Supercar Slayer

There is little better than seeing a turbocharged Swedish barge with a chronic smoking habit
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Picture 12

What do you get when you take an unassuming saloon – a Saab 9-5 is a good place to start – and give it more power than a modern supercar? What you get, ladies and gents, is a fire-breathing, tyre-annihilating sleeper that’ll batter, thrash and embarrass anything that dares cross its path.

This Saab 9-5 R ‘Performance by Nordic’ is proof of that…

Underneath its bonnet lies the original 9-5 2.3-litre turbocharged engine you’ll find in any similar model. Added to this, however, are uprated pistons and camshafts, an uprated fuel pump and ECU and a massive Turbonetics Race Precision 6262 Turbo. You’ll also find a custom made induction kit, ported head and bigger valves.

Picture 19

When running on E85 fuel, this psycho Saab develops 762bhp and 605lb ft of torque at 2.2bar boost. Put into context, that’s 212bhp and 207lb ft more than a V10-powered, 5.2-litre Audi R8 Plus. Like the Audi, however, this Saab’s good for 200mph.

Picture 14

The car’s owner – Andreas Andy Gidlund from Sweden – has also installed a heavy-duty six-speed Quaife race gearbox with Quaife differential and a high performance clutch.

Because power is transferred through the 9-5 R’s 18-inch front wheels only, Gidlund tells us that the car wheelspins from 60-100mph, which the video above easily attests to.

Stopping power is taken care of with Porsche brakes on each corner and the 9-5 also features coilover suspension. You’ll also spot a roll-cage inside for safety.

Picture 15

If there’s one thing the Swedes do right, it’s tuning the hell out of the cars we love most. What do you guys make of Andreas’ unhinged supercar slayer?

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  • Samuel

    It’s an absolute brute! Thumbs up! :)

  • Nicolay L. Sandven


  • strikeme

    That man has it going. I wonder what other sick projects he will end up with ;-).

    • Alexander Berezovsky

      This man is building a 2jz RWD Saab 9-5!!! On Bmw e34 suspension. All worlds combined. This man should be awarded tuner of the year.

  • Fredrik

    Sweden. Nuff said

  • josh

    by the time he gets traction most real races would be over, the BMW and the 440bhp saab were ahead for quite some time while he was just spinning up…

    • andy

      No worries, taken Care of now for 2014:) less Boost om 2/3d gear and better tires :)

      • Kris Burns

        would it be better to harness the power via 4wd? or would that be too expensive (im guessing your the owner as youve posted a few things)

  • Bunkey

    This man is a visionary. I think Saab are the foolish ones for not designing the 9-5 R with a proper drivetrain!

  • Aditya Trivedi


  • Opppa

    Once it gets the POWER to the ground it’s GO GO!

  • Kris Burns

    why not just take 4wd from calibra and actually get it moving?

    tis a beast though ^^

    • ????? ???

      The 4wd from Calibra sucks and it’s useless anyway, especially for this kind of power…

      • Kris Burns

        it was just a thought, but you get my drift.. needs a way to harness the power

  • Austin Richard Bartz

    That is just bat-shit crazy…and I like it!

  • Mr. B

    cool project, but 762hp FWD? traction = impossible^^

    • Jordan Chanski

      For real. It doesn’t even look fun to drive. Unless you have a runway, you’ll never have traction. Road course, street, quarter mile track… pretty much just going to be spinning tires and wasting all that power.

      • andy

        real tiers = traction =) Radial tires for 2014 =) and boost by gear! =)

  • Infexis

    Typisk svensk =)

  • Krishan Ladwa

    he should really think about a 4WD configuration

  • waSAABi

    This car is the stuff of legends.

  • JL

    Did someone say turbo lag?

  • Gerard Sullivan

    its a pure swedish beast

  • squidword

    R32 race … “too soon junior”

  • ryan_proulx94

    Makes me want to go to a top mount setup on my viggen, already spins third on e85 with stock turbo.

  • Andrew James Hope

    Nice, but I like the volvo that does 370km/h+ better :)

  • Srt8jshaw

    According to this he’s not even boosting yet! Turbo needle at zip

  • zach

    my b series turbo (pte5858) crx (1900lbs)at 400whp would spin street tires like this, it was not fun…

  • jimmy reece

    incredible work, needs 4wd though….

  • BatsBR

    damn nice car.
    would love to see one of these around here, in Brasil.
    congrats to the owner.

  • Twats

    People thinking its impossible to drive a car with fwd and ALOT of horsepower have been listening to Jeremy Clarkson too much. On the floor to your right there is a pedal. This pedal controls the amount of power you want/need. To the left of it is a pedal that controls how much braking force you want/need. You dont see cars with good brakes suddenly stopping on the freeway now do you?


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