This Deranged Youabian Puma Is The Most Offensive Car You Can Buy For $1.1M

Say hello to the world's most ostentatious cabriolet, the $1.1m Youabian Puma
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youabian puma 1

Stop crying, pick your chins up from the floor and wipe that little bit of vomit from the side of your mouth. This car exists, and you, yes you, can buy it for $1.1m (£680,000).

Unleashed this week at an unsuspecting Los Angeles motor show crowd, the Youabian Puma is a huge, four-seater cabriolet that measures in at an excessive 6.15 metres long, 2.36 metres wide and 1.83 metres high.

Yuabian-Puma 2

Under the hood lies a 7.0-litre V8 LS7 engine, which churns out 505bhp and 470lb ft torque. Power is transferred to the tarmac via a six-speed automatic gearbox.

If you’re wondering what happens when the heavens open, the Puma’s huge folding hard top takes care of keeping the elements out.


The Puma – designed by LA plastic surgeon Dr K. Youabian – is claimed to hit 60mph in 5.9 seconds. It sits on 20-inch chrome wheels shod in 44-inch rubber and took its makers some five years to build.

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According to the car’s production manager Onnik Hovanesian, “You can go places other cars can’t (…) It is the dream design of the car’s creator.”

On top of the steep $1.1m price tag, prospective buyers will have to wait at least 18 months for their order to be made. Who’s in?

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  • Logs


  • Henry

    such bad, make sick, doge no like, wow much shit

    • Shahrukh Iqbal


    • Merci Lago

      HAHA you’re everywhere Doge! That’s my good boy!

    • Javier Caldera

      Ah that made my day. Doge good boy, much wow.

    • DigitalJedi805

      Dat Doge…

    • Joudy Januar

      oh wow!!!!!BEST COMMENT!!!!!Good Doge

  • Alex ‘Bubs’ Pucher

    Honestly my eyes are literally burning

  • Corey Manero

    It’s kind of like a Range Rover, then. But without the practicality. Or the looks. Or the badge. And worth 10X more. Did I mention that it’s hideous?

  • Zach Spars

    If those rims are 20′s….holy crap that car is huge.

  • Chuck Thornton

    Anyone notice the Volvo C70 hiding in there..?

    • Casimir Le Grand

      yeah i know, in the tires….

    • Pinho

      Yop, found it. It’s like a obese C70.

  • danierru

    Not a fan of American stuff,but…THEY WASTED AN LS7 IN THIS PIECE OF SHITE !!!

  • hoosteen

    Ugly if you give it smaller rims and tires itll ne faster lol

  • Joe Henry Schupper

    How can 0-60 take 6 seconds in a 500 he car?

    • Scott Schnatzmeyer

      Weight, gearing…. There are a ton of things to influence acceleration. Most likely in the case of this would be purely size. Look at the rims, if those truly are 20′s then this vehicle is huge. You can put 505 bhp in a tank but that doesn’t mean it’s going to move very fast

      • Joe Henry Schupper

        Oh yeah but if I’m paying that much for a convertible sports car that shut better not look like a fish and have oodles of carbon fiber.

  • Connor Thomas Nugent

    Anyone else see a miata haha

  • ermaherd

    were the designers high on acid when they made this?!

  • veersixoh

    Miata driving men with micro penises suddenly all rejoiced

  • Extremeatheist

    It looks like a pussy car is wearing a fake muscle suit.

  • LACarLover1980

    Literally, the ugliest vehicle I have ever laid eyes on.

    All of the worst design sensibilities from 1994-2002 all wrapped up in one putrid, behemoth pile of crap.

    If one of those ugly blue aliens from Avatar mated with Jar Jar Binks, and produced a child, and then Jabba the Hut ate that child then took a massive dump, this car would be roughly the same overall idea as that dump.

    It makes the Pontiac Aztec look like it was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It makes the Yugo look lovable. It makes the mid-80′s Mustang built on a Pinto chassis look like a 1955 Porsche Spider 550.

    It makes… you get the point.

  • Christopher Richardson

    Same guy that made the Aztek, I’m sure it was him. Let’s rope him & stash him in a closet so he stops this shit.

    • SeanMcGrath

      The man who designed the Aztek, also made the C7 corvette, so that’s unlikely

  • Jigs J Sharma

    someone paid how much?!

    • autoalex

      nobody paid anything…yet…

  • Jakob Ham

    Is it just me or are the headlights really from a Miata?

  • AJ

    I wonder what his patients look like. :/

    • Nathan Howard

      How does this comment not have more likes?

  • From Kyoto

    This Youbiashit must die.


    if you look close enough, you see its inner volvo.

  • Whatisthishit

    Took a shit. Still won the styling award over that junk

  • Donovan Russell

    looks like it was in a car accident LOL

  • Ricardo

    I wish I had the money so I could pull the engine out and burn the rest.

  • Ricardo

    “Hey, a plastic surgeon is TOTALLY the same as a car designer! It’s not like those one million dollars could’ve saved starving children or anything like that, right?

  • northy

    A land rover can go places that car carnt ad u can pick one up for less than 10k

  • Mike Svitek

    Lets find the side it looks best from!
    … Ok, I give up. The inside maybe?

  • Marcus

    1.1 million dollars..tailights from a Buick Enclave? I am disappointed.

  • bub

    best thing about it is the Rx8 headlights.. lmao

  • Yesterday’s Jam

    Almost as ugly as a Fiat Multipla

  • Rob P

    I never realized that the Enclave has such nice looking tail lights.

  • Jean-Marc Chabot

    no thanks ill walk…

  • Travis

    Well, I’m not hungry anymore.

    Where can I find these “Youabin” and “Hovanesian” characters, and mercilessly pulpify their faces with various blunt objects? We all get a wild hair. We all like to sometimes make stuff “our own”. But we build a motorcycle, put some Recaro’s and four points in the daily driver, or put effiing dijon mustard on our turkey sandwich instead of the regular stuff. We don’t take a 1.1 million dollar deuce and then try and sell it.

  • Timothy Zidakutch Sørensen

    WHAT! If the rims is 20″ then this car is a monster-truck.. Such big.. Much ugly.. High price… wow

  • Audun Johan Blomli Rist


  • Andres

    LA plastic surgeon designed that car… So this woman had to be client

    • Andres

      The woman*

  • DigitalJedi805

    So like… What can this do that an STI can’t? I’m confused.

    Someone else called it – Waste of an LS7… and a lot of rubber, apparently…

    Meanwhile; at the research lab:

    Researcher 1: “You think that’s enough ground clearance?”
    Researcher 2: “Uh… Who cares anymore man… I’m quitting next week.”

  • bas ackwards

    scrap the body, build a cage, lift her up a bit. she’d be a monster off road

  • AntBalzano

  • Jan Johansen

    Are those Volvo-headlamps?

  • Victor B.

    Looks like the world’s largest R/C car.


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