This Crazy Little Backwards Fiat Crabs Like A Bastard But Goes Like Stink

This back-to-front little hatch features two steering wheels and plenty of character
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This is the front end

This is the front end

Mention the words ‘modified’ and ‘car’, and a clapped out Corsa with a humongous spoiler and a terrible bodykit usually springs to mind. This Fiat 126 however, is a bit different.

The owner of this ancient little Italian has turned both seats around, and has installed pedals and an extra steering wheel in the rear to create a car that can be driven ‘backwards’ at speed. The result is possibly the strangest modified car on the planet.

4 wheel steering in action

4 wheel steering in action

Still able to be driven both ways, this Fiat also features a turning circle that can be measured in centimeters, thanks to four-wheel steering – a similar system used on the new Porsche 911 Turbo. Hit play and prepare to be impressed shocked.


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  • Jeff g Johnston

    Most cars have two wheel steering no?

    • Daniel

      99% cars have two wheel steering yeh. This has 4 wheel steering if you read the article…

  • Kamil Chandoszko

    its polish not italian look it up fiat 126p

  • lach97

    Where can i buy one ?


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