This 965bhp Aventador Is A SuperVeloce For Impatient Folk

Crackers German tuners get bored waiting for ultimate Aventador and just build their own
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Cars take too long to go on sale. The 691bhp, 6.5-litre V12 Lamborghini Aventador has been around since 2011, but the topless Roadster only arrived earlier this year. At this rate, it’ll be four or five years before Lamborghini gets around to doing a lightweight, uprated SuperVeloce version.


Dry your eyes though, because the caring, sharing tuners of Germany are here to help. Standard Aventador too slow for you? Try Novitec’s tuning programme, with a flagship twin-supercharged kit taking the Aventador to 956bhp and 627lb ft. 

It’s not just a 30% power bump. The downforce-critical body kit is all carbon fibre, plus you get more carbon in the cabin along with bespoke leather upholstery. Forged wheels up to 21-inches across are on the spec sheet, and you can have lowered, stiffened pushrod suspension too. Seriously, the Novitec Aventador would have a decent shout at a Le Mans podium if someone had the balls to enter it.


It’s no quicker straight out of the traps than a regular Aventador, taking 2.8sec to complete 0-62mph. Once it’s in its stride though, this is a wickedly fast supercar. It’ll reach 120mph from launch in just 7.4sec, walking away from the normal showroom version, which lags behind at 8.6sec. Flat out, a 220mph+ maximum is on the cards.


Probably the most mental thing about the Novitec Aventador is the high-performance Revox hi-fi inside for bangin’ out the tunes in style. In a vehicle which uses a near-1000bhp V12 to get around. Why would anyone want to drown that out?


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