This 9 Second S2000 Is The Only Honda You Need To See Today

Manically high-revving S2K sticks it to V8 drag kings with sub-10sec run
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Honda S2000 – the thinking man’s Mazda MX-5? Well perhaps, but bargain sports car or not, the S2k is hardly a natural drag strip muncher. Known for their tricky chassis and lack of torque, it’s not the first car you’d turn to for a nine-second project car.

Everything You Need To Know About VTEC.

But what do we know? This one’s got a 31psi boost turbo conversion, makes 713hp at the crank, and runs totally stock pistons, rods and internals. That’s Japanese reliability for you…Thumbs up for the VTEC kicking in, yo?


Now watch: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The S2000

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  • Luke

    When VTEC kicks in on another Honda, it’s just a kick.
    When VTEC kicks in on this thing, it’s more like a super-mega-ultra-bruce-lee-strength kick.

  • mike

    It’s quick. Too bad it’s still not fast enough to outrun it’s ugliness

  • drew

    i own a S2K and sorry but I don’t how you could possibly boost stock internals and pistons to 31psi. I call BS. what would you say your compression is after boosting it @ 31psi? 11:1 stock it can only go up from there with forced induction. Someone explain this to me. They must be getting race fuel from NASA

    • Ghost

      It really is stock internals and I think even a stock gasket, I searched into this since I didn’t believe it either but it’s true. SURE AS HELL ain’t gonna last all that long but they did it lol. F20C’s can make 400-500 whp on stock internals and run for years though thanks in part to a low ass r/s ratio but these puppies are known for having the rear ends go long before the motors lol.

  • llkjgh

    Who the hell quotes crank numbers?
    What a pos car website

    • PaulyD

      All manufacturers quote HP at the crank. Makes sense to me and I don’t have a problem with it!

    • Luke

      Picture this: just say you’re a car manufacturer. Imagine how annoying it would be to have to test EVERY SINGLE CAR YOU MAKE on a rolling road. It would be so much easier to test the engine’s power at the crank before it’s even put into the chassis, than to have to construct an entire car before you can get an idea of how much power it puts out.

      • Gabor Szedlak

        Cars go through all sort of tests anyway. I think they simply use bhp because it’s a bigger figure

  • Knightmare

    nek minnut


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