This Ridiculously Cool 600hp Mini Monster Truck Is Chuck Norris’ Happy Meal Toy

A 600hp mini monster truck with headers and carbs? Yeh, we got time for 'dat!
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truck 2

Monster trucks are cool, V8s are awesome. You know this, we know this. So when we stumbled across a mini monster truck with a 600hp V8, there was only one thing for it – get the video up and show you the coolest vehicle you’re likely to see all week.

Little is known about this homemade mini monster – except for the fact that Chuck Norris probably gets one of these every time he opens his Happy Meal – but what we can determine is that it’s powered by what looks like a small-block Chevy engine with triple carbs, headers and a Weiand supercharger. Because ‘Merica!

truck 1

The front and rear axles provide independent steering (meaning that this truck can pull off the world’s best donuts), and big off-road tyres provide plenty of smoke when punished. It’s also got a cool flashing light on top for good measure. Pretty cool, right?


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  • Teddy Bass

    sbc……………when do they have evenly space exhaust ports and front mounted disturbers?
    Cool find none the less but lets get some basics right first


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