This £35k Adult-Sized Little Tykes Car Is The Ultimate Big Kids’ Toy

After five months of hard work, a Daewoo Matiz was transformed into a working version of the famous toy
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Source: Caters

Source: Caters

Most of us will have either owned or been in contact with the Little Tykes ‘Cozy Coupe’ at some point in our childhood – millions have been sold, after all. But what if you made a working, adult-sized version? We’ve already seen a few Smart Cars – like the one below – painted up in the famous red and yellow paint scheme, but the guys behind the creation above took things much further.

Smart Cozy coupe

With its open sides and high-mounted yellow roof, it really does look like its toy equivilant. It was built by Oxfordshire-based Attitude Autos over five months at a cost of £35,000, with a Daewoo Matiz used as a base car.

Source: Caters

Source: Caters

The 800cc three-pot engine and running gear were retained, while the whole car was shortened, and the front doors heavily modified into a new shape. The roof was fabricated out of steel, and the rear panel and seat unit are fibreglass creations. The front wings and bonnet are the only clue to what this car started out as.


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  • fast’n'loud

    they see me rollin’ they haten’….

    • AJHOK

      Learn to spell….

  • Luk4shO

    £35,000 spend on a Matiz?! After what I’ve seen it looks more like £3,500. And if I’m wrong… that’s worst spend £35k I’ve seen in my life :)

    • Ed Scott

      That kinda money will get you a good nick 996 Turbo with money to spare for maintenance!

      • Luk4shO

        Thats why Im almost sure that it should be £3,500 instead of £35,000

        • Mike Beers

          that was for the whole project

    • Oliver Rashid

      the BBC did an article on this and say it cost £4000!

  • gwhizzl

    Spending £35k on such a ridiculous project you’d have thought they could afford something better than a potato to film it…

  • James Turner

    The toy is obviously read engined tho…

  • Matthew Wilkie

    I still prefer mine…


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