The New Vuhl 05 Is A 150mph Ecoboost Hoon Hero

Mexico's new track day car costs £55k and is powered by the same 2.0 Ecoboost you get in a Focus ST
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It has become an unofficial road racer week here on Car Throttle, and this is the latest back-to-basics motor that has caught our eye. Mexican company Vuhl has pulled the covers off the 05, its stunning new speedster model for the track.


The 05 has all the ingredients you need to enter this market – mid-engined, lightweight and racing pedigree. The men behind the 05′s design grew up with a father who listed ‘racing driver’ as his occupation. They inherited his passion for motorsports, but their careers turned towards design. They’re making all the right noises, too, claiming that they endeavoured to create class-leading ergonomics and build quality to ensure their effort stood up to scrutiny with the big boys.


The Mexicans believed this had to be a car they’d want to own themselves, which meant it had to be fast. Power comes from a tuned version of the turbocharged 2.0-litre Ecoboost unit from Ford, as seen in the Focus ST, which produces 285bhp. Unlike many modern track weapons, there’s no carbonfibre in the body. Built from a mixture of aluminium and steel parts, it weighs an impressively low 695kg, giving the 05 a power to weight ratio of 400bhp per tonne. The 0-62mph sprint is dispatched in 3.7 seconds as it surges on to a 150mph top speed.


The 05 rides on OZ alloy wheels – 17 inches at the front, 18 inches at the rear – housing four-pot alloy calipers all round and ventilated cross-drilled brake discs to bring it to an abrupt stop.

The interior can be specified uniquely to the driver, with options including carbon bucket seats, electronic data acquisition dash, water-resistant Dinamica suede trim and a built-in HD camera to film your on-track escapades.

Prices start at £55,000 with orders being taken now for an expected delivery date in Spring 2014.

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    Only the special ‘edition one’ has the 17/18 inch wheel combo – which costs £10k more than the standard 05 which is actually £59,900, not £55k


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