The Devel Sixteen Is A 5000hp V16 Hypercar Of Horrors

Another Dubai motor show, another absolutely ludicrous supercar we suspect will never see light of day...
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Picture 3

With a spec sheet reading much like a child’s ultimate Top Trump card, the Devel Sixteen – seen here for the first time at the 2013 Dubai motor show – is the definition of insanity.

Its mid-mounted V16 engine produces a claimed 5000hp (yes, five thousand), which will catapult the the Devel from 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, 1.8 seconds is now…until now. As for the hypercar’s top speed, you’ll see 560kph, apparently. That’s 348mph in real money.

Looking like the result of a horrifying breeding experiment between a Lamborghini Veneno and a Pagani Zonda R, the Sixteen certainly looks the part, even if it does have the windscreen wiper from a 1980s Mercedes-Benz, the solid brake discs of a family hatchback and a front end so flimsy that the guy polishing the lint off it manages to knock it out of position.

Picture 5

The Devel Sixteen is reported to cost $1M (£620,000) and three clients are understood to have already placed orders. If the hypercar’s power figures were to be even half of those claimed, then the Devel Sixteen would appear to be pretty good value for money. Until then, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for those flying pigs

Picture 4

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  • emkay

    5000 bhp..? wat is t powered by? jet engines?

    • lol

      v16 engien

  • J

    5000HP seems legit, just look at those jet thrusters on the back.

  • Charles Nathan Findley

    I mean.. cool story. a 600whp dodge dart rally car goes 0-60 in 1.9, as do most of the grc cars.

    • Jay

      But does it go “348mph”? hahaha

      • Charles Nathan Findley

        damn. got me there.

        • MrCokeCaine

          whaat whaat that’s huge news!!!

          somebody not going into an argument and starting a discussion on internet! hahahahaah lmfao

          • Cainethedog

            Dick . Anyway this has bullshit written all over it .

      • nebulae92

        if it is as flimsy as they say in the article, no way it will go near that speed. it will fly apart just doing 100 mph

      • miastro

        And where can you go 348? Salt Flats?

        • Harley Jones


          • Tbones

            Salt Flats

  • Alex

    What a ricer! Bolt on jet thrusters = 5000hp

  • Michael Mattingly

    is it april 1st already?

  • Darwin Cole

    *cough* bullshit

  • fake

    this thing has fake/troll written all over it

  • splyntr

    it looks like a penguin with wings on his ass

    • sonicbrony fan

      ultra loooool


    Can he fly? Of course YES!

  • Mike

    Movie prop for the next Batman movie ?

  • Simon Rogowski

    I’m sure there is not even an engine mounted at the show…you will nerver see one of them drive!

    • David M Hunsinger

      Yea it definitely doesn’t drive. No way in hell

    • Harley Jones

      “You will never see on of them drive!” You know, people once said Exactly the same thing about the mclaren F1, Jag Xj220, Viper,Enzo and the veyron…Are you seeing a pattern here?

      • Simon Rogowski

        McLaren is racing in the Formula 1 since the 60s
        Jaguar has its roots in the 20s
        Viper was a nice looking car with a truck engine, not more or less
        Ferrari’s first race was in the late 20s
        And the Veyron was engineered and built by Volkswagen, the leading automaker

        Sorry, I see no pattern here.

        • Harley Jones

          You are a very dense little boy aren’t you.

          When McLaren announced they would make the F1 and what it would be..all the silly little boys like yourself said “its not possible, it will never happen”

          Likewise when Jag announced the Xj220 (given, the xj220 was a very different beast to what it was announced as..but it still silenced the naysayers)
          This is a pattern that continued with the viper, the enzo and yes..even the veyron, when it was announced people said “its not possible, it wont happen, its just a publicity stunt from a company that died decades ago”

          Exactly the same things were said about a new company making something that blew the benchmarks to pieces when both pagani and koenigsegg also announced mind bending, record shattering cars.

          There is your pattern. When every one of these vehicles was announced..stupid people said it would never happen….where are these morons now? Well they are pointing at this new company saying “it wont happen” and “you will never see one of them drive”

          When will you naysayers learn that progress will be made without your approval or understanding, recognize just how irrelevant EVERYTHING you have to say thats negative is, and just sit down and watch the world progress around you quietly.

          • Simon Rogowski

            I guess you’re right. Sorry for wasting your time.

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Aye. People struggle to believe what they don’t understand.

          • mindpower

            Oh please, go look at the Devel website, it’s clearly built by a kid. There’s nothing, NOTHING about this car that can be taken seriously.

  • Anand S Zaman

    This car has fake written all over it. The Veyron uses a W16 engine and only gets 1200 hp, with specs available for people to see. Look this car up, you’ll find no information on its specs or the design of its engine, heck the engine view was nothing but a giant flashy engine cover that says 16 and 5000hp with no engine is sight. Plus, jets on the back? Really?

    • Benjamin Loveridge-Rowe

      Not to mention the Veyron has 4 turbos too!

    • D

      That’s a W16.

      This is a V16. The proper configuration. Not the retarted Volkswagen version

      • Anand S Zaman

        Even then, its not happening. Watch the video, the dude wiping the car makes a flimsy part move and has to rearrange it. The material looks off. The wheels and tires are inappropriate for what is claimed the car can do. The brakes on it wouldn’t stop it, they’d melt off at the claimed speeds/power and you’d have to engine brake for a really long time til the vehicles comes to halt. This car has fake written all over.

    • LetMyPplGo

      It’s metric horsepower….

      • Nugat10

        No such thing. Us metric folk use kilowatts.

    • harrygibus

      It’s probably a number based on created HP rather than captured HP. A Veyron is said to create 3000 HP but is only able to capture 1000 of it for use. Limitations of the ICE and thermodynamics.

  • Sudniko

    Absolute fake. Tyres and rims are inappropriate for high speeds. Carbon fibre is shabby at best and all the bodywork is poorly assembled with very odd looking materials for a 100 kph car, let alone a 5000 hp car. There is no material invented who can support the forces demanded and make it reliable for daily use with regular 98 octane petrol. I doesn’t exist just like this car doesn’t really exist.

    • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

      It’s a diesel car, not a petrol, so theoretically by achieving an absurd compression rate, you can get higher speeds than petrol (proof stands the Audi V10′s in LeMans 24h winning constantly on 1st category)

      • richard

        but thats like say bolt wouldnt win a mile run

    • jakefromstatefarm

      i dont think who ever is going to buy this would use it for “daily use” and probly would have the money to buy real clearer gas. and carbon firber is shabby? umm the bugatti veryon SS is carbon fiber and also the paganni zonda R. soooo

      • Alex

        I think he meant the carbon fiber on the car. If not, then you’re right.

      • D14

        He means the carbon fiber work on the car. Obviously carbon fiber works for cars; it’s been on sports/race cars for decades. (Not just the “veryon” and “paganni”) Not trying to sound like a douche lol but..

    • Dalton

      Titanium budd= Sr-71

      • Sander Kamp

        Carbotanium? Like Pagani uses?

    • Harley Jones

      Well done einstein…
      Allow me to fetch your hats for your consumption.

      • mindpower

        Well done, you found a video of it cruising gently down a sandy road. Proves without doubt that it can do 560km/h. You sure showed those critics!

  • martindaman

    Would be awesome if the real one came with real jet engines!!

  • Red

    dont care until i see it start up.

  • George

    Good luck getting to the top speed with current road tyre technology, the Veyron had trouble and thats almost 100mph slower than this thing. Looks like a child made it, but would love to see it actually become reality.

  • Alex



  • What a joke of a car

    When I was 7 I designed this exact car. I want to know how they got ahold of my crayon blueprints and why they decided to remove all the rocket launchers!

  • Sparkles

    I think it is real. Believe. Just kidding.

    When you guys are done with the brakes off of my Dodge Caravan, please hurry back, I am stranded without them. I think my tires on my van are rated to 375mph, so I have no trouble believing that duh

  • sam

    just my opinion here but isnt it… really… ugly?

  • David M Hunsinger

    That’s probably a pre production mock up car, I doubt if it runs let alone rolls. Those numbers seem wildly off all over the place though.

  • mike

    i think it’s cute you guys see a concept car and: a) expect it to materialize exactly as shown in concept form b) think all development has been completed so that the body work / tires / trim are mass production and testing ready.

    • mindpower

      Er, how many concept cars fall apart when touched by a cleaning cloth? Do you honestly think this is even remotely believable? :-O

  • Brendan

    This is definitely a mock up car. You can tell by paint job and integrity of parts. That thing isn’t moving, however they may have the real thing somewhere else. I don’t think they’d let the public all over a new $1M hypercar

  • GabR

    Can we just remove the fake engine and top and make this thing a car bed? That would be more realistic

  • Anthony w/ KC Dubs

    Me too guys.

    • Anthony w/ KC Dubs

      Except my car isn’t made out of cardboard and shitty welds. Well…maybe some shitty welds…and some cardboard.

  • Chris

    That car is not able to get to 580kph my skyline has bigger brakes

    • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

      Actually no, it might get to 580kph, but good luck trying to slow down. Most expensive one-way trip.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Have a lake at one end or just a big ass parachute

  • dayton

    I think the thrusters on the back are used like the Chaparel 2J and Redbull X1. It creates a vacuum with the motor on the bottom and spits the air out the back, and the motor is tuned to hell to keep the tires from spinning when it sucks it to the ground. Hell drag cars have 8000bhp. 1000hp per cyliner. so it can be legit.

    • dl

      Their spark plugs melt in 4 seconds

      • Harley Jones

        Companies like switzer are able to extract 2000-3000hp RELIABLY from a 3.8L 6 cylinder GTR engine that was only ever meant to make 500hp…Why do you find it difficult to swallow that another company can extract only 30% more from another 10 cylinders in an engine designed from the ground up for the task of producing 5000?

        • Mark

          Because, for one, an engine destroys itself at that speed. Even a “V16″ engine would completely ruin itself. Also, that car would never have enough downforce to reach that speed… The wing’s held down with screws for crying outloud. All my engineering buds had a crack with this car

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            If you’re a fan of Top Gear, you’ll remember that Jeremy Clarkson was spurting the exact same stuff about the Bugatti Veyron. Then when it came out he said nothing in his life time would beat it. Next thing you know Koenigseggs and Hennessy’s are dropping records on the trot.

          • mindpower

            VW and Bugatti are long established brands though. If you remember, even the Bugatti engineers were shocked that the CEO announced a car with 1000HP, and they struggled for years to get it to work.

            But now, some unknown company with a website designed by a ten year old can make an engine 5 times more powerful? Suuuuuuure.

          • louiss

            CONCEPT CAR. God everyone on this post is a moron, I swear.

    • arsi

      hey your absolutely right those are not exhaust. i think they made theme because of drag Coefficient . and engine give intake air from the air vacuum of the back side i want to talk with u more this is my face book please check it up for more discuss: Arsi hotrodcamaro

  • Mitch Garrett

    look at the extension cord going underneath the car at 2:00

    • Matthew Loula

      You will notice that on most cars at autoshows. The battery would die halfway through the show otherwise.

  • Joe

    This is pure bullocks! Horsepower is directly related to heat. In simple terms it’s a measure of heat/energy. There is really only one way to make more horsepower and that is to burn more fuel in a shorter amount of time. This can be accomplised by either burning more fuel per stroke (as in greater displacement by using larger and or more cylinders – think Funny Cars with MASSIVE V8′s to make 6000+ HP) or by more strokes (as in rpms – think F1 cars that rev to 18,000 rpms) and usually by a combination or balance of the two. So these clowns expect us to believe that they can somehow produce 4X the HP of a Bugatti by still using 16 cylinders that can’t be that much bigger. They need to take highschool physics before embarressing themselves with this kind of non-sense.

    • Joe’s Mother

      How about high school english? ACCOMPLISHED* EMBARRASSING*

      • Joe

        Look at you. All smart and shit with your spelling corrections.

  • Matt

    So the small steel brakes will stop it?

  • rich

    if you put jet exhaust tips on it then, you better beat a jet plane. its like a bicycle with an exhaust it just looks retarded. but i am interested to hear it.

    • Xanathador

      Bicycle with an exhaust? That’s called a motorcycle….

  • rich


  • W.T.

    Bugatti Veyron SSC, be very scared

  • Llew

    If you watch closely at 1:05 you can visually see the guy shining the front end knock that plastic fin out of place, this thing is bullshit! The 3 dumbasses who pre-ordered one of these are gonna be pretty chocked no delivery day…

  • t

    whys everybody havin a bitch about this car if u were alive wen cars first came out and someone turned around and was like you know oneday theres gana be a quad turbo w 16 1200 hp bugati veron that person would have been like whats a turbo . so its probably a concept car but they could very well be making a car that will look like that and have those states no one has proof to say they arnt

  • Luke

    “…a front end so flimsy that the guy polishing the lint off it manages to knock it out of position.”
    At 1:19 you can see he didn’t even reposition the part properly…

  • dlaw

    Call fake all you want it’s not even out yet that’s just a model base sitting on a stand bro, remember we got 4 bangers pushing 1000 hp, anythings possible in this generation people.

  • Big D

    Is it electric? Cause it’s plugged in

  • Xanathador

    I’m interested to see this thing a reality. If they can actually do it, it’ll be a massive leap in modern technology.

    Loads of people thought the Veyron a hoax when it was announced, and they did it.

    What people here fail to realise, is that this is a concept car, not the finished product. They’re just showcasing what it’s gonna look like and the features it’s gonna have…

  • rick

    nice try,but they don’t make a set of tires to hold up to the friction caused at that speed.that is why the Bugatti only goes 256mph.any faster the tires start to shred.

  • Js

    Not going to happen in the next 5-10 years and here’s why – top fuel dragsters have s/c V8′s that produce 8000hp however, are about as close as you be in engineering terms to a (sometimes) controlled bomb.

    There is no way you can get 5k hp out of something that is no where near the size or explosiveness of a fueler – also they will not run on normal car fuel petrol or diesel plus the tank would be empty in less time than it would take the car to reach said too speed!
    So this being a road going car is impossible from the beginning and cannot take the Veyron crown.

    Also for those who say that tyres don’t exist that would withstand that kind of speed and heat, I turn your attention to the Top Fuelers again – both front and rear tyres reach over 500kph in under 4 seconds. It wouldn’t take much more research and development to get that number to 600kph or more.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      The Veyron lost it’s crown a long time ago. Right now it’s between Hennessy and Koenigsegg, if I’m keeping up to date correctly.

  • Andrew

    That’s Batman’s daily driver.

  • Sander Kamp

    There you have a point… Remotely driveable it will not be. It looks like you’ll do a 720 everytime you drive off the driveway. Imagine parking that beast…

  • Akshay

    Anybody else notice the wire at around 2:20? What if this is just a prank/concept model, and that wire leads to an external power for the headlamps,tail lamps, etc?

    • mindpower

      LOL, too funny. There’s also the stick holding the driver’s “door” open, LMAO.

  • Oliver Rashid

    except they clearly havent actually managed to do it have they

    • Harley Jones

      Nobody said they did, Einstein

      • Oliver Rashid

        no but you said it as if theyve actually achieved it whereas all theyve done is make a shoddy model and made some numbers up

        • Guest

          Once again, nobody said they actually have. Were you dropped on your head as a child or something?

          At any rate, that figure is not all that unbelievable. Its been claimed that the veryron makes 1001hp at the wheels, and through the heavy, complicated gearbox it could be losing up to half of its actual produced power…If thats the case, it would be making around 2000hp at the crank. There have been upgrade exhausts released for them that claim to develop everywhere from 1250 to 1400hp at the wheels. This would put it between 2500 to 2800hp at the crank if the claimed losses are correct. From what I understand the veyron runs a relatively low amount of boost and there are EXTREMELY large gains that could be made from more boost.

          Now take into account there are already companies such as UGR and switzer making 2000-3000 WHEEL hp from much smaller engines in GTR’s and lambos, the whole idea of 5000 crank horsepower from a large 16 cylinder engine does not seem that much of a stretch anymore.

        • Harley Jones

          Once again, nobody said they actually have. Were you dropped on your head as a child or something?

          I said
          “****IF**** it makes close to what they claim” Notice the key word there…”IF”

          At any rate, that figure is not all that unbelievable. Its been claimed that the veryron makes 1001hp at the wheels, and through the heavy, complicated gearbox it could be losing up to half of its actual produced power…If thats the case, it would be making around 2000hp at the crank. There have been upgrade exhausts released for them that claim to develop everywhere from 1250 to 1400hp at the wheels. This would put it between 2500 to 2800hp at the crank if the claimed losses are correct. From what I understand the veyron runs a relatively low amount of boost and there are EXTREMELY large gains that could be made from more boost.

          Now take into account there are already companies such as UGR and switzer making 2000-3000 WHEEL hp from MUCH MUCH smaller engines in GTR’s and lambos (add 30%-40% ontop of that as a very rough guide for crank hp) , the whole idea of 5000 crank horsepower from a large 16 cylinder engine does not seem that much of a stretch anymore. Sure, difficult and requiring brilliant engineering…but not impossible.

          Remember somebody once said that cars will never exceed 20mph and if the human body went faster than 30mph it would literally be torn to pieces by the forces exerted on it…….Dont be THAT guy ;)

  • julian

    There’s video of it on idle and driving but only like 100 feet. Sounds like my 95 z28 and if it was 5000 hp the wheels would be spiining out of control this car is crap money money wasted hard plastic seats with bar stool like cushions ha the whole car is just crap and a lie.. period!

  • Julian

    And the jet thrusters are just exaust tips lol they have a crap load of pipes shoved into them. And 90 degree angle pipes haha all these but still sounds like my z28

  • Bootsie

    no seat belts

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    When VW were creating the Veyron, they had to re write the books on automobiles. Whose to say they can’t?

  • Ramos

    The 5000 hp could be right, that’s “just” 2x 632ci TT V8′s mated together as a 1264ci V16 QT, boosted up just enough to deliver 2500 each. To make it much “easier” they just report it in PS or bhp rather than whp and probably on race gas or E100 at a boost setting unavailable to owners on the street. Getting any of that number NEAR the ground will be interesting to see. Maybe 3500whp on a good day with supersticky dragracing slicks and a sticky surface and then it will run 6.50 @ 240 if it’s a Promod setup under the carbon. But doing a standing(or flying) mile at that speed would be terrifying and probably the car would not be stable enough for more than 300 mph. Now for the cooling issue….in Dubai’s heat…does it come with liquid nitrogen cooling?

    Anything over 260 mph for a longer time than 5 seconds, good luck finding streetlegal tires for that, that aren’t specific dragracing tires with a streetlegal sticker.

    That said, this thing could theoretically get from 60 to 270-280 mph faster than anything else roadlegal, barring the Promods like Red Victor and the Dragweek cars, if they just accept that they cannot reach 348 mph in less than 5 miles and gear it lower.

    1.8sec 0-60 is impossible in a rwd car, unless its a dedicated drag racer on race tires, so guessing its awd, if nothing else then at least for the launches.

    Being optimistic I would like to see them go out and prove me right/wrong, to at least get some proven facts on the table. But a sub-7 on NN?…doubt it.


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