Witness A Corvette C7 Give A Shelby GT500 A Proper Run For Its Money

Prepare for a V8 eargasm as these muscle car giants do battle
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Corvette Mustang street race

If you put a 455bhp C7 Chevrolet Corvette up against the 662bhp might of the latest Shelby GT500, the ‘Stang will win easily, surely? Well, that’s what the guys at Bad Bowtie Productions thought, but the results weren’t as clear cut as you might have thought.

Mustang GT500

Hit play and prepare for an awesome street race with an unbelievably epic V8 soundtrack.


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  • n0sfreak

    Dat Torque tho!

  • daniel

    the corvette clearly jumped the line, hard, and the gt500 still one

    • Paul Denney

      Someone’s butthurt lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34201368 Jean Claude Van Kickinthenutss

      ‘one’? really?

  • spawne32

    I dont see a C7 vette giving a GT500 a run for its money, I see a guy beeping the horn and jumping on it before the GT500 even gets started, and im not even a ford guy. LOL

    • 408.Luke

      I have no idea what you saw, its quite apparent they left at the same time. The vette was just faster off the line since the gt500 was trying not to blow the tires off.

      • Ernesto Chavez

        They most definitely did not leave at the same time.

    • Phillip Wager

      its called reaction time but yeah the gt500 has very bad traction problems and no launch control and the pavement was not favorable and the c7 has epic grip and launch control plus much less weight so yeah.

      • hotdog428

        The GT500 does have launch control but the driver chose not to use it. but in the case of this video, you’re right and the c7 does have better traction

    • answer

      agreed… it was more like the vette had a head start, and still lost as the GT500 came up and passed them before hitting 120mph

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34201368 Jean Claude Van Kickinthenutss

        Wonder what the comparison will be like when they release the Vette with comparable torque?

    • Phen

      the c7 had a very slight headstart but not enough to give it anymore than a quarter car length, and I am a ford guy

  • Mopar

    the only reason the vette took him off the line was because it was an auto and the shelby was obviously a manual, if the stang had popped that clutch it wouldve been a different story though.

    • ThrasherDasher88

      The Corvette C7 doesn’t come with an automatic trans.

      • Paul Denney

        Yeah it does lol… 6spd auto buddy.

      • Ryan

        Yes it does… I’ve got one sitting in my garage… And the paddle shifters at WOT on that sucker shift faster than I could ever do in a manual transmission.

        • Kyle Mosley

          Its not really an automatic as most people know them. Its a GETRAG Dual Clutch system. Basically its a manual with 2 separate computer controlled clutches.

          • Phillip Wager

            no dualclutch it’s a slushbox same as in the pickup trucks dude

          • Mattl

            It’s not the same transmission as the trucks. The Corvette has a rear mounted transaxle, but yeah it’s a slushbox.

          • Kyle Mosley

            Really? WTF wouldn’t you use a Dual Clutch in a car like this?
            They are lighter, shift quicker, smoother, less complicated, smaller… list goes on.

          • Phillip Wager

            its a 50k coupe with 450hp and amazing handleing it has a lot going for it if you dont want the slushbox get the stick a dct would add almost $10-12k

          • Michael Hill

            Yeah well no.

            Dual clutch transmissions are heavier, bigger, much more complicated, usually jerkier in trafic and are kind of numb for daily use

          • Kyle Mosley

            I have a strong feeling you have no idea how a dual clutch trans works.

        • Crunch

          until it breaks….

    • Jacob Gancher

      It doesn’t matter if it was auto or manual.. The mustang is a torgue monster compared to the C7.. She just needed a second to think about it haha,,

    • Phillip Wager

      one does not simply “pop the clutch” in a shelby unless you don’t want your front tires to be moving.

  • Guja

    Wheelspin, rendering a 207 HP difference irrelevant since the dawn of time.

    • Trevor Nelson

      That’s accurate but that’s also one of the sad features of a gt500 and previous mustangs. It’s always been their problem.

  • BowtieGentleman.

    People Just mad because Chevy put it in that Fords ass.

    • Zakatak360

      Yea because the C7 jumped the line and still lost…

    • http://www.nodramaband.com/ Fabman

      funny, that is not what happened…..what are you smoking dude?

    • Azrael

      If they were doing a 100 meter dash, then yeah, the Vette won. Watch it again, and notice the sigh of resignation the Vette gives when the driver lets off the gas as the Shelby passes him, knowing full well he’s lost. Sure, tries really hard to make it look good by saying he got up to 120 mph before he lost, but he still lost.

  • bulldogfan101

    God that Corvette is ugly.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34201368 Jean Claude Van Kickinthenutss

      The design is based on your mom.

  • lol


  • nwilson44

    Looks like it was all in the launch. If the vette was truly faster it wouldnt have gotten reeled in like a nemo on a fishing line, and I am not even a Ford guy. Never owned a Mustang but I own a C4

  • greg

    Both took off at the same time. the GT500 had traction and launch control on trying not to spin. the corvette was ahead by about a car at the end of the marked 1/4 mile…..I know I was there

  • LoveAllCars

    i think weight played a big role here , corvettes are light cars compared to the gt500 , but the gt500 is nicer looking in my opinion

  • Phillip Seidel

    The C7 barely jumped the line if even at all. I wouldnt count it against him. People are just mad because their favorite car just lost to another cars base model. Dont get me wrong, I love 500s (at least the new ones) but give the car some credit. It weighs less than the 500 so its going to be quicker off the line.
    The C7 guy also let up at 120 hence why he caught up so quick. Yes, maybe eventually he would have caught up to him anyway but if doing a 1/4mi theyre not gonna be getting much faster than that anyway so he would have won most likely. The C7s speed was dropping from letting off while the 500 was still going and getting faster and faster, of course hes gonna fly by him at the end. Lets use a little common sense here people

    • Ryan

      C7 Vettes have done 11.7-8ish at the 1/4 mile. GT500′s do 11.5ish. So they give a great run for their money.

    • Coalroller

      If you watch the video, the corvette doesn’t let off until the gt500 is already starting to pass it. Your argument is invalid.

  • TransAmMarty

    I like both of these cars as much as the next guy. The corvette is base. BASE. The GT500 is top. Put the ZR1 against the GT500 and see what happens. Just saying.

    • Michael White

      The ZR1 is a sports car. The shelby is a muscle car. The shelby has already proved it will destroy the ZL1 camaro.

      • jesus

        the base model corvette is still a sports car… and the shelby is still a muscle car

    • http://www.nodramaband.com/ Fabman

      If we are going to play that game, then compare a ZR1 to a Ford GT because that is actually a real comparison…Bye Bye BowTie.

      • Bryce Billau Clark

        Seriously please send me test results in the outcome of that comparison …..I am pretty sure in 06-07 they tested a Z06 a viper coupe and a Ford GT and I amalmost positive he Z06 won that and many comparisons soooo please find track times 0-60s ext ext and message me I am not a ford hater but your comment is borderlines insured srsly the Z06 is just as fast as the 150.000$ Ford gt at a fraction of the cost the ZR1is lighter cheaper and more powerful than the GT And has a far superior gear ratio ….don’t be an idiot ….please look up info and refuse beingva fanboy

        • http://www.nodramaband.com/ Fabman

          Dude, the internet is full of proof. learn to work Google.

          How about this one: http://youtu.be/CzjPnMj3fKk

          On the autobahn, 3rd gear pull, 4th gear pull, at the drags……Ford put the Chevy away in every case….put the crack pipe away son, you’re not looking very smart.

    • http://www.nodramaband.com/ Fabman

      GT500 is NOT top…the Super snake is top of the line for GT500′s and again, WAY faster than the Vette.

  • Andy Mahadeo

    all that power.. and a live rear axle

  • Eugene Martinson

    And what’s the c7 run these days!? You can hop in that gt for under 65k with all the bells n whistles! Go cry in your empty wallet!

    • Daniel Williams

      2014 Vette Stingray 3LT w Z51 Performance Package is 62k. Seriously, is it too hard for you to check Chevy’s website before you make a dig like that?

      • Nikita Lunev

        I heard you have to stand in line to get that vette for 62k, you will not find one for less than 80k

        • Phillip Wager

          right now the only vettes being manufactured are the ones customers ordered if you expect to walk on a lot and drive it off the showroom you are looking at at least 6 months. so no the dealers are not marking up the price at all there just arent any deals either you pay sticker price and suck it up

        • Daniel Williams

          Found the package I said for 72K from an online dealer, despite the year long waiting list and that took two minutes on google. Want to try again?

    • D

      If you load out the GT 500 it comes in just under $70,300…

  • Daniel Williams

    Funny thing is the Vette’s only got a 6.2L engine. No replacement for displacement, bitches.

    • D

      Are you saying it’s smaller than the GT 500′s engine? It’s a 5.8L.

      • Daniel Williams

        I’m saying it’s not supercharged like the GT500 and the 500 struggled to keep up until the guy let off at 120mph. Thus the last part of my comment.

  • Michael White

    Which car will have a higher resale value in 5 years?

  • MW217

    Come on the shelby didn’t even use launch control!

  • silver surfer

    I drop the clutch between 1800-2200 RPM when I used to race my Camaro, just depends on how wet or dry the road was, but it would get you off the line and launch pretty hard while the tires very rarely chirped and I still got the hole shot. Do not drop the clutch at redline otherwise you may break something, an engine, tranny, etc. or just end up spinning your tires while the other guy is half way down the track and game over.

  • Joe Tahan

    i dont really see how the c7 gave the shelby a run for its money….yea its QUICKER but clearly those 600+ horses came through as he shifts into a higher gear and blows past the c7

  • cookie giver

    All these ford VS chevy arguments are making me hungry, Anyone want a cookie?

  • Chevy fan

    Dat Freight Train was rolling though.

  • yep

    ford gm or mopar, we give each other shit but at the end of the day were all family

  • Notsafe335

    Traditionally automatics are rulers of the 1/8 mile or even 1/4 mile race, so not a big shock here. Load the C7 up with a manual transmission and you’ll see a different race. Too many variables here, but if you look at brute trap speed which is a true measurement of power:weight, the ‘stang is clearly the king. Once Shelby switched into third it was time to reel in and get ready to bus that “base” model car.

  • gogo

    The gt500 won either way! Corvette just took the jump! I like the new corvette tho. Sad they made it weaker then a miata!

  • Yo Mamma

    Wow two american cars racing in a straight line! This is something i’ve never seen before!


    GT500 use NOS so that why he win

  • Dana Camanara

    Hah ! That’s a base Stingray with an automatic AND not a Z51 car which is even slower ! Luckily for the Mustang there was no braking and turning ! When the next Z06 debuts….lights out for everyone ! C7 baby !

  • Kev

    Throw a corner in the mix, that stang wild be in the ditch instantly.

  • dcrasta

    Typical Chevy, leaves hard but gets walked down..

  • Ernesto Chavez

    Yup, corvette kept getting big jump. Not to mention the gt500 STILL caught up to it and said gtfo.

  • Liam O’Flaherty

    Does the Mustang not still use leaf springs at the rear? I think I’d rather hear a HIGH revving, more balanced European or Japanese V8 tbh but those bloaters still sound quite grunty!

  • Bryce Billau Clark

    I think the outcome is exactly as planned the 500 saved his tires and clutch off the line and the C7 is a base model 6speed auto so yes its quick out of the hole….some of watch street races but have obviously never participated….the 500 has proven to be as quick as Z06s and ZR1s in a straight line..the new GT500 is no joke ..I was born raised dressed up and racing bowties …no hate…mad respect to the new 500 as well as the 5.0

  • Bryce Billau Clark

    The internet were suddenly everyone is a Google and Wikipedia expert and knows all there is to know..most of you never picked up a wrench in your life seriously…Ford made a great engine for this mustang end of story heads up from a dig racing is what it is …the Chevy got off the line better ITS AN AUTOMATIC WITH LAUNCH CONTROL and that ford has a live axle and 660 HP and a 6speed you think he’s going to nail it..retarded most of you simply retarded…. The GT500 has proven to be as quick as a Ford GT a Z06 and ZR1 in a strait line its a badass mfer the stingray is child’s play


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