Watch Sebastien Loeb’s Record-Smashing Pikes Peak Run In Glorious POV

The crazy footage of Loeb's record run is now with us. Sit back and be amazed...
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Screenshot 2013-07-02 at 20.54.53

We’ve been building up to it for weeks, and Seb Loeb lived up to expectations, smashing the course record at Pikes Peak. In just 8 minutes and 13 seconds, Loeb restored Peugeot’s name to the lips of motorsport fans worldwide. Then Red Bull kinda went and ruined it.

This old-school footage of Ari Vatanen battling his 405 up the hill in ’88 was shared about as the rally drew close, becoming ingrained into the memories of all who witnessed it, so anticipation for 2013′s version was high. Red Bull proceeded to urinate an oddly coloured, fizzy liquid on its sepia-toned memory with what can only be described as car crash television.

Captured from the online streaming with those awful commentators stumbling over the same choppy chopper footage we were squinting at, sat before a bunch of bored extras paid 10 quid to stand and look mildly interested, we sighed and carried on with our days.

Yeah that's Loeb bouncing off the rev limiter at 150mph, mid corner, 4 thousand metres up

Yeah that’s Loeb bouncing off the rev limiter at 150mph, mid corner, 4 thousand metres up

But fear not. The more observant among you may have noticed the occasional GoPro camera stuck unceremoniously to the T16′s retro-liveried bodywork. That footage is here. Now we can experience first hand the terrifying speed we think we witnessed from that helicopter. We can feel what it felt to be Loeb, skirting with death at 150mph, inches from wiping out dumb spectators as his heart drums at his rib cage at 188bpm.

Sit back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy. This is the video you’ve been waiting for.


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  • pil

    paved road, i hope he gets a better time!!


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