Sebastien Loeb Smashes Pikes Peak Climb With 8 Minute Record

WRC champion Loeb raced a Peugeot 208 T16 up Pikes Peak, destroying the record time by 93 seconds
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Image via Motor Trend

Image via Motor Trend

Sebastien Loeb lived up to the hype this weekend, taking his Peugeout 208 T16 up Pikes Peak in 8:13.878. The 9-time rally champion smashed the 12.42-mile course’s previous record of 9:46.181 set by Rhys Millen last year.

If you want a little perspective on just how rapid that time is, not only did he take a whopping 1 minute 33 seconds off of the record, he became the sole owner of an 8 minute time – teetering on the edge of breaking 7 minutes. Rhys Millen smashed his own record by 44 seconds and still wasn’t even close to Loeb’s time.

Image via

Image via

We’ve been covering Loeb’s build up to the event in anticipation of an epic drive, as the Frenchman prepared to take on the famous hillclimb in Colorado. The drive was a big moment for rally fans, as it saw a Peugeot Talbot Sport-inspired T16 return to the track after decades out of the game.

Image via

Image via

As Loeb makes the switch to circuit racing in WTCC, this was a real statement of intent. If he can tear up the circuit like the streets of Pikes Peak there’ll be no stopping him.


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