Russian Dash-Cam Captures High-Speed Lorry Terror

Danger lurks around every corner in Mother Russia, so be on your guard behind the wheel…
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We’ve argued before that the UK needs to embrace the dash-cam culture, which would make our roads safer and insurance cheaper. Here’s another new video from Russia that proves just how valuable these little cams can be…

A quiet day. An unassuming piece of road. Minding your own business. And then the most almighty lorry crash you’ve ever seen. In Russia. This week…


If that didn’t shock you enough, the driver’s decision to keep on driving certainly will!

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  • Mr Small Pimping

    They kept on driving?!?! That crash looked fatal!!

  • derpdirty

    I’m way more shocked that they didn’t stop to help. WTF people. Go pull that poor driver out of that mess!

  • Joe Diddle

    It’s Russia, you don’t get out of your car for others…. I’m not saying that for a Russian joke, it’s just a known thing that Russians do NOT stop to help in car accidents…

  • Dr.Evil

    It’s not the drivers decision to keep driving, the woman was telling him to keep on going


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