Road Rage? Time To Get The Angle Grinder Out

If you never use your mirrors, prepare to have them sliced off your car
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'This car nearly hit me! He is going to pay'

‘This car nearly hit me! He is going to pay’

Extreme reactions to road rage are becoming increasingly common. Guns, fists and golf clubs are fashionable these days, but this motorcyclist has a new weapon of choice.

After being cut up by a Nissan Juke, this Russian (of course) biker’s reaction is to chase the bloke down and let rip…

'Well you never used your mirror earlier, so you won't mind me sawing it off!'

‘Well you never used your mirror earlier, so you won’t mind me sawing it off!’

No, not let rip in that sense, rather to let his portable angle grinder do the ripping. In this case, it’s to tear off this guy’s wing mirror. Because this is Russia where people are tougher than The Rock however, a fellow motorist gets out of his car to stop the madness. What a hero!

'Cut me up, bro!'

What the hell you doing, bro?!


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