Is it fast?

For a vehicle that dwarfs most semi-detached houses, this Leisure Pursuits-owned monster truck – aka Big Grizzly – is far nimbler than you’d expect. Okay, so to call it fast would be like referring to the One Direction crew as role models, but Grizzly’s 540bhp 7.5-litre V8 gives this eight-tonne monster a top speed of 80mph and a 0-60mph time of 14sec.

Is it sexy?

If you’re the type of person who wakes up next to your sister in the morning, then Big Grizzly will be your ultimate expression of automotive porn.

In truth, the way to describe Big Grizzly’s looks would be to call it awesome, intimidating and OTT. The tyres are 4ft wide and weigh three quarters of a tonne each, while the big American body makes even a Hummer look like a Matchbox toy car.

Watch the full Monster Truck video

What’s it like to drive?

Driving Big Grizzly is exactly how I imagined it would be as a kid. Pushing the accelerator and brake pedal demands at least three-years worth of punishing squat training in the gym – such is the weight you need behind you to get the thing to stop and go. Slotting the four speed auto ‘box into drive also requires a strong forearm, but once you’ve clonked the lever back, you’re ready to drive over some cars.


“Big Grizzly’s V8 pumps out enough power for muddy, eight-tonne slides. Yes, it’s as epic as it sounds.”

Alex Kersten, Editor

Once you’re on the move, it’s BG’s steering you need to get to grips with first. Like those dreams you have when you’re running as fast as you can, but not moving as quickly as you expect, steering like you’re in a normal car brings no rewards. You need to plan a corner in advance and turn the wheel aggressively; not that you can see where you’re going – you sit eight feet high and have nothing more than the sky and a bit of ground as reference points.

When you’ve mastered Grizzly’s quirks however, that V8′s immense power and torque will let you slide Big’s big ‘ol butt around a muddy field. The V8 noise that follows you is as meaty and as special as you could ever hope for.

How about the inside?

Once you’ve negotiated the ladder to haul yourself inside Grizzly’s cabin, you’re greeted with mud, a roll cage, metal tread, bucket seats with four point harnesses and even more mud. It’s more stripped down in here than those ladies in an episode of Jersey Shore, and certainly not comfortable. But you show me a comfortable vehicle that can drive over other cars…

Watch the full Monster Truck video

Will my mates rate it?

Us blokes like big things. Fact. Big engines? Damn straight. Big wheels? #Winning. Big boo…I’ll stop it there. Combining a massive V8 engine with the biggest wheels and suspension known to man then, is guaranteed to make any bloke’s childhood dreams come true.

The excitement you’ll feel while behind the wheel will make your face hurt, and do you think you’ll give a damn when your face is caked in mud during full power drifts? Will you hell…This vehicle will make you feel like a kid again and that’s a bloody good feeling, let me tell you!

Can I afford it?

If you’ve got your own field and a permit to open the gates of hell every time you take a monster truck out for a hoon, then the answer is still probably no. Forget measuring your fuel economy in miles per gallon here. Floor the accelerator in Big Grizzly and you’ll be counting in gallons per mile – three tonnes-worth of wheels has that effect.

That said, you can pick one of these monsters up for around £30,000, which isn’t too bad, all things considered.

Show me three used alternatives

1. Modified Suzuki SJ

If mud plugging’s your thing, then look no further than a £1000 SJ with some serious suspension mods. This rough and ready little monster comes with a three-inch suspension lift, external roll cage, spotlights, a snorkel and massive mud tyres.

2. An actual monster truck

Yes, why the hell not buy yourself a monster truck? This Chrysler Dodge Ram beast features a 6.6-litre big block V8 and the truck’s got seats in the back for all your mates. It’s up for grabs for a reasonable £17,500. That’s the same price as a Fiesta ST. Decisions, decisions…

3. One night with Mila Kunis

She’s the polar opposite of Big Grizzly – small, beautiful, refined, not caked in mud and some way off 8 tonnes – but a night with her would probably make you feel just as heroic as taming BG. And think of the respect you’d get from your mates…

Hit this link to get yourself behind the wheel of Leisure Pursuit’s Big Grizzly.

Monster Truck Review: Get Big Or Die Trying, 9.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
  • Jason Rivas

    Only 540bhp? In ‘Murica some of the pro’s trucks run up to 1000bhp! Pussies.

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Model Monster Truck - Big Grizzly
BHP 540 bhp
0-62mph 14 secs
Top Speed 80 mph
Weight 8000 kg
MPG You're kidding, right mpg
CO2 Death to all g/km
Price £30,000

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