Remember The GT-R That Dominated A Ski Slope? Here’s Some Bonus Footage

Team Iceriders emailed us with some extra footage and car specs from their ski slope shoot
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Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 16.36.14

We recently posted a video hailing from Sweden, featuring a monstrous Nissan GT-R and a steep, uphill ski slope. The film’s premise was to see whether the 4WD supercar could scale the snowy slope, and unsurprisingly given the video push, it managed the task with ease.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 16.09.09

After we published the article, we got an email from Robert Larsson a.k.a. Team Icerider’s driver. He pointed us in the direction of some extra, bonus footage showing their tuned, 620hp Nissan GT-R tackling the ascent. The video below shows just how steep the hill was and how much strain it put on the car’s V6 block. And for those of you wondering what kind of studded tyres they used, here’s an official image:


Finally, some stats on Team Icerider’s particular GT-R. For starters it’s quick, blitzing the quarter mile in 10.77 seconds. Then, there’s the following:

HKS Exhaust. COBB tuning on the ECU. 1000cc injectors. COBB intakes with open airfilters. Rebuilt gearbox with stronger parts from Dodson. Öhlins suspension all around. Whiteline rollbars in front and back. Recaro carbon seats. And Takata Racing Harness.

We like.

Bonus footage

Original video

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  • ParkerAP1

    At what point in a man’s life does he lay in bed at night and think “I’m going to use my R35 to climb the side of snowy mountains.”? All I know is that I hope I reach that point at some time in my life.

    • Adnan Ebrahim

      When you’re the person with green text

      • ParkerAP1

        Good call.

        • JJ


    • iceman48

      At the point where money can buy happiness.

  • Sam Nelson

    I wanna see one with paddle tires in the sand..


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