Alex Hamilton2 years ago

Witness A Porsche 911 Getting Destroyed By A Mk1 Ford Escort On A Drag Strip

You've got a 911 Carrera? That's cute

911 has no idea he's about to be embarrased 911 has no idea he's about to be embarrased

Porsche 911 owners are a smug lot. And for good reason - they drive around safe in the knowledge that their car is faster than 99 per cent of the metal around them. On a drag strip however, anything can happen.

Mk1 Escort Cosworth Turbo Smoke out the back makes the 911 owner feel even more smug


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Lined up against an original Ford Escort with a turbocharged 2.0-litre Pinto engine, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Porker has this one sewn up. After all, 3.6-litre, 321hp flat-6 beats 2.1-litre Pinto in a game of Top Trumps.

'Tatty-bye, mo-fo!' 'Tatty-bye, mo-fo!'

But this is the drag strip, where cars rarely fight fair. For that reason, let's enjoy this Porsche getting well and truly owned.


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