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Watching This Man Sing Live To The Nation At A Petrol Station Will Make Your Day

This is possibly the most memorable fuel stop of this man's life

He has no idea he's live on national TV He has no idea he's live on national TV

Filling your car with fuel probably doesn't rate highly on the things-I'm-looking-forward-to-doing-today list. Especially when you drive a gas guzzling 4x4 like this chap.

'Oi, you there! Guy at pump 16!' 'Oi, you there! Guy at pump 16!'

However, this is no ordinary fuel stop. As part of the Jay Leno's Tonight show in America, this petrol station has been rigged with cameras and a TV screen, all of which are recording live to the nation.

'Tommy used to work on the docks...' 'Tommy used to work on the docks...'

The news anchor first kicks off proceedings by complementing the chap's singing while he fills up unaware that he's being watched by millions. Then, the man is given the chance to win a free tank of fuel if he sings a song to the nation. The man accepts and boy, does he deliver.

Singing a number from Bon Jovi, he wows the nation, much to the embarrassment of his wife. Who then joins in with an excellent Eurythmics number herself. You'll feel good after watching this!


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