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Watching This Crazy, Bad Guy Biker Will Fill You With Rage

If you're a motorbike rider (even if you're not), prepare to hate this guy instantly...

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You'll remember a few weeks ago we brought you a video of a motorbike rider who sandwiched himself in between two HGVs. He was weaving between free-flowing traffic at what looks like 50mph. Today's biker video makes the sandwiched Brit look like he's still riding on stabilisers.

The video below - filmed on a helmet camera while on the streets of Brazil - shows this biker riding in between gridlocked traffic at what looks like bursts of 70mph.

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He revs the engine of his 600cc Yamaha XJ6, beeps his horn frantically and shouts his way through traffic like a mad man. When, predictably, he's stopped in his tracks by a van driver (0:40) the biker complains that the driver didn't indicate. At 03:20 he almost flies into the rear of an Alfa that brakes suddenly. The rest of the footage is just as insane.This guy, then, is a complete and utter liability...

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Of course, not all bikers are bad guys...

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Thanks for the bad guy biker link, suat_yakut!