Watching This Audi 200 Quattro Launch With Anti-Lag Is A Beautiful Sight

Here's a classic Audi every car nut would love in their garage. The ultimate sleeper?

By Alex Kersten, 23 August 2013

Picture 31

Anti-lag systems in retro German cars are something we're all very fond of. You just have to look at the popularity of this savage E30 Turbo if proof were ever needed. And while it's nice to see a six-cylinder spit flames while it's damaging your ears, there's nothing quite like the sound and sight of a 20-valve turbo launching from standstill. Especially if said Audi carries the following modifications...

Picture 30

With all this in place, and with boost running a cool 23psi on E85 fuel, this 200 T produces a claimed 400awhp (approx 530hp at the crank according to the owner).

Picture 32

With so much power on tap from the word go, the Audi scrubs all of its four tyres on the tarmac on launch, as you can see in the video. Speaking of which...




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