Watch This MX5 Get Wiped Out By An Aston And Porsche Battling On Track

The poor little MX5 didn't even know what hit it

By Darren Cassey, 29 August 2013

Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 16.41.56

What you see here is the result of Marc Miller's MX5 getting sandwiched between an Aston Martin and Porsche at high speed.

In a series that has such varied competitors, back markers getting tangled up with the front-runners is always a possibility, and if you watch Miller's rear view mirror you get an idea of the differing speeds between the overtaking cars.

Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 16.42.23

This on-board footage comes from Miller's CJ Wilson Racing MX-5 in the closing stages of last week's race at the Kansas Speedway. Clipping the Aston to his right sends Miller and 3 other competitors into sickening spins, however the MX5 was the only car to continue racing.




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