This Twin-Turbo Ultima GTR Is A 1700bhp Ride From Hell

Tiny kit car chassis plus the power of FOUR BMW M3s is the fantasy tuner build you've been waiting for

By Ollie Kew, 07 July 2013


Ever tuned a car up to its maximum potential on Forza or Gran Turismo, and ended up with a 1000bhp Skyline GTR, or 500bhp Lotus Elise? Ever thought 'imagine what this sort of ultimate, money-no-object mod-job would be like in real life'? You'd get something crazy, like a flyweight Ultima GTR track car putting out the power of a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport AND a BMW M5 combined...

Here's just that; the outstanding Black Falcon Ultima 427 TT GTR by Nelson Racing Engines. In the all-time list of world's craziest cars, this would give the Batmobile and time-travelling DeLorean a run for their money - and this thing is no movie car.

Video 1

In case you need a quick refresher, Ultima is a UK-based kit car maker based in Leicestershire near Noble's home garage. Sports car genius Lee Noble helped design the GTR, which, Ultima recommend, you fit with a Chevrolet small-block V8 for best results. Its own 720bhp model currently holds the world records for a road legal car on road tyres with a road exhaust: 0-60mph in 2.6sec, 0-100mph in 5.2sec, 30-70mph in 1.8sec and a Top Gear lap record of 1 min 12.8sec (never featured on the BBC show).

Video 2

So yeah, it's a quick piece of kit, with 720bhp. The quickest, in fact. And then the Americans add another one thousand horsepower.


The Black Falcon NRE GTR uses a twin-turbocharged, 7.0-litre V8 with trick air-to-air intercoolers to deliver 1726bhp on racing fuel. On regular pump juice, it's only at Veyron levels, with 1210bhp. At 1300kg, it's a huge 310kg heavier than a regular Ultima GTR, (though still lighter than a Ferrari 458) and thanks to the extra weight and naff-all traction even on racing slicks, slower to 62mph - it takes a whole 2.7sec.

What's clever here isn't the massive power though: it's the Black Falcon Ultima's level of finish. This isn't some stretched out, mega-power Lotus like the Hennessey Venom I'm not keen on. Here you get an Alcantara trimmed interior, carbon body parts, gold-plated details and even iPhone connectivity. This is a quality tuner car, that just happens to have performance usually associated to a machine with 'NASA' written down the side.


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