This Is How You Feel When You're Stuck In Traffic

When traffic gets bad, our man Kevin knows how to deal with the stress (NSFW)

By Alex Hamilton, 03 May 2013

iGun riot 1 The most annoying sight out of a windscreen, a traffic jam


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Crawling motorway traffic (or any bloody traffic for that matter) is usually more annoying than being punched in the face. Repeatedly. With a sledge hammer.

'Time to sort this traffic out' 'Time to sort this traffic out'

But don't take our word for it. Kevin in the video below agrees. Watch his hilarious monologue about his traffic woes and witness how he makes himself feel just a little bit better about being stranded in a wall of metal, exhaust fumes and brake lights.

'Did you just cut me off!? BANG BANG!' 'Did you just cut me off!? BANG BANG!'

Public notice: this clip is immensely funny but we do not in any way condone the use of guns. It's an iPhone app put to good use. Nothing more.... If you're not a fan of foul language, this isn't for you!



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