This Crazy Little Backwards Fiat Crabs Like A Bastard But Goes Like Stink

This back-to-front little hatch features two steering wheels and plenty of character

By Alex Hamilton, 12 May 2013

This is the front end This is the front end

Mention the words 'modified' and 'car', and a clapped out Corsa with a humongous spoiler and a terrible bodykit usually springs to mind. This Fiat 126 however, is a bit different.

The owner of this ancient little Italian has turned both seats around, and has installed pedals and an extra steering wheel in the rear to create a car that can be driven 'backwards' at speed. The result is possibly the strangest modified car on the planet.

4 wheel steering in action 4 wheel steering in action

Still able to be driven both ways, this Fiat also features a turning circle that can be measured in centimeters, thanks to four-wheel steering - a similar system used on the new Porsche 911 Turbo. Hit play and prepare to be impressed shocked.



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