Slammed Fiesta Hilariously Beaches Itself On A Bump

How low is too low? This 'stanced' Ford has the definitive answer...

By Alex Hamilton, 18 June 2013

Fiesta Lowrider fail

Own a high-riding Fiesta, but after some proper Lotus low? Simply tweak your suspension (or, by the looks of it here, cut the springs) and your car too will kiss the tarmac like a Lotus. Take it down too low though, and you will have a bad time as this video footage proves...

Fiesta Lowrider

This ridiculously slammed Fiesta - driven by an absolute boss tool - manages to beach itself on a fresh layer of tarmac, much to the embarrassment of its passengers.

Fiesta Lowrider being rescued

After much toing and froing, the beached Fiesta - whose front wheels desperately scrabble for traction - looks like it's going nowhere fast. Legend has it, that the car is still there to this day to remind idiots like this that 'stance will not make her dance.'



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