Meet The 2600hp Twin-Turbo Falcon They Call 'Dirty Bird'

This is, without doubt, the most badass twin-turbocharged dragster on the planet!

By Ollie Kew, 13 August 2013


Allow me to run you through five things we like about this 1968 Ford Falcon:

1. It's a '68 Falcon, not a Mustang or any other obvious muscle car hero. It's just a humdrum everyday coupe taken to the edge of sanity, and what's possible to keep on the ground at speed.

2. It runs the world's coolest turbo set-up. Twin 88mm blowers mounted in front of the engine, and actually on display in the car's nose, like some sort of Bond villain/Wacky Racers weaponry to suck in and chew up competitors.


3. Its nickname: 'The Dirty Bird'.

4. It's matte grey. It's a cool look, no arguments.

5. The numbers. According to our friend from Houston, Texas, The Dirty Bird weighs 1474kg (same as a Ferrari 458 Italia) and develops 2600 horsepower from 7.4-litres - the same as four and a half 458s. Or 17 original Falcons. (Choose your own coversion rate). The bottom line is this thing is potent. It runs 4.7sec 1/8-mile passes, pops wheelstands off the line, and all with a two-speed transmission. Take that, Porsche PDK.



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