Meet The 1150bhp Porsche 911 That Pops Massive Wheelies For Fun

Yes, you can make a 911 Turbo stand up on the rears. You just need 1150bhp & a heavy right foot

By Ollie Kew, 10 August 2013


This is Eddie Bello's 1994 Porsche 964. He's spent $50,000 on its flat-six engine, adding twin HKS turbochargers and a bespoke intercooler set-up. It now develops 1154rwhp, and has a personal best quarter-mile time of 9.17sec @ 163mph. In a standing mile it'll hit 236mph.


It's got so much power in fact, it creates a whole new problem for the 911's infamously out-of-kilter weight distribution: wheelies. Here's the best one - thumbs up for shifting and keeping his foot planted while the front was still dangling helplessly in the air.



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