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Jeremy Clarkson 'Will Kill' American Airlines

Duck for cover people! Jeremy Clarkson's in a bad mood again. And this time American Airlines faces the chop...

Oh Jezza, your reputation precedes you. You're freakishly tall, loud, brash, and when things don't go your way, you turn to Twitter and threaten to kill people. Or, when you're on top form, you'll queef out a headless baby... Yup, 2012 certainly has been quite the year for you.

So what's pissed you off today, Jezz-pot? Lost your fags? Get dumped by one of your fancy women? Nope, this latest Twitter rant comes courtesy of American Airlines. The reason? They've lost his wife's bags, and after the year Jeremy's put her through, you can imagine how keen he is to keep wife Frances happy!

Scroll down (from bottom to top) for some of Clarkson's most recent magical prose:

We'll keep you updated on the bag situation. World peace and the cure for all known diseases depends on its safe return!

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