Jeremy Clarkson And His Distaste For Audi Drivers

Recently, the most famous automotive journalist in the world, Jeremy Clarkson , took a step back in his fight against the "cocks" of Britain - the BMW drivers

Audi RS4

In his view, cocks have now migrated to the four-ringed brand: Audi. The foundation for this argument? Audi is now the "it" car. With the very hip LED day-time running lights and Walter da Silva's pen, Audi has become a design and style icon. You get noticed when you roll up in an S5. Plain and simple. In the UK, where the 3-series is one of the top 10 selling models in the whole country, driving a BMW just doesn't get you noticed anymore. And there's nothing a cock hates more than not being noticed. This is why he (not usually she) wears Ed Hardy clothing, has a LV wallet, and wears more hair product in one day than most people use in a month.

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As much as I like Jeremy's contrarian, ignorant, and sarcastic style, disagreeing with him makes me happier than agreeing with him does. Unfortunately, my experience here in Canada hasn't been as dissimilar as I might have hoped. So many people that I know who are shallow, materialistic, and use too much hair product now long after Ingolstadt's latest. It's gotten so bad that I wouldn't be caught dead in an Audi right now. Not that Audis are any better here...

BMW M3 Sedan

The sad reality in Canada, especially in my disturbingly Northern neck of the woods, is that it's very difficult not to look like a cock to someone. Driving a CDN $70,000 German supersaloon makes it look like you're too good for everyone else. Driving a similarly priced diesel pick-up truck makes you look like a young idiot with too much money from working in the oil patch. Heck, even driving a base 323i is seen as being a little too flash. Here, you basically have to drive something that most people know nothing about. Like a Mazdaspeed3, Volvo C30 T5, or a VW Phaeton, for example.

Really, it's not that tough though, people don't really know their cars here - this is Truck Country.

Getting back, if cocks are now driving Audis in Britain, specifically RS4s from what I understand, that would make it safe for Britain's in-the-know to drive M3s again. The E9X M3 is brilliantly balanced and doesn't look terribly different from your run of the mill 3er. This makes the M3 the car to have in the UK if you want a well-made, fast car but you don't want to shout it out at the top of your lungs, like cocks are wanting to do.

I guess there are worse things in the world than being relegated to an M3. In Canada, we'll just stick with our sleepers.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Peter, editor of a website dedicated to Canadian car enthusiasts.

Read about Jeremy Clarkson's hilarious Twitter rant