Is This The Most Evil 2JZ-Engined BMW E30?

The E30 is quite possibly the best and most evil place you can stick a 2JZ

By Alex Kersten, 15 August 2013

Picture 7

The 2JZ engine is a wonderful thing. Its natural home is the Toyota Supra, but it's made its nest in many a different car, including retro Volvo drift wagons, wheel-popping Nissan Silvias and 1100hp Supra-powered E30s. Speaking of which, here's another tasty 2JZ-powered E30...

Picture 8

While very little is known about this pumped up 3-series, it's understood to produce around 800hp from its 3.0-litre, turbocharged straight-six Supra engine. It goes like a rocket, then, but the way this E30 sounds (a LOT like an AK-47 at full attack) and the way it spits fire like a flamethrower is simply unreal.



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