How FBI Hostage Negotiators Buy A Car

Ever wonder what happens when a hostage negotiator buys a car? Then wonder no more...

By Alex Kersten, 31 December 2012

Buying a new car can be traumatic. You're in unfamiliar territory and you just know that you're going to get screwed (and not in the good way). Or are you?

We've tracked down this insightful radio clip where three hostage negotiators talk us through tactics they've employed in the past to get the best deal possible.

Expert tactics include

1. The Nibble - make a deal and negotiate little extras on top2. Expanding The Pie - change a win-lose game to a win-win scenario3. Disarming Empathy - 'Masters level kidnap bargaining'

Listen below for the best bargaining tips you simply can't afford to miss!

(Fast-forward to 8:30 min for the best car dealer tactics)


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