Here's How You Can Have A V12 McLaren F1 For £20k

If a McLaren F1 seems out of reach, think again. All you need is a spare £20k and eight years of dedication

By Matt Robinson, 19 December 2013


Polish amateur mechanic Jacek Mazur had a bit of a dilemma. He wanted a McLaren F1, but as the usual cost for an F1 runs into the millions, buying one wasn't an option. Instead, he built his own. It's taken Jacek eight years to create this thing. He built the tubular space-frame chassis himself, and crafted a McLaren F1 lookalike body.

McLaren F1 kitcar

It even has the driver's seat in the middle, and a mid-mounted BMW V12, like the real thing - sort of. It'll allegedly do 200mph, but it'd take someone decidedly brave to do that sort of speed in something that's been put together in a shed. The total cost came to a not unreasonable £20k, and while it looks a bit shoddy from some angles, it's not that far off...


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