A £1m LaFerrari Is Definitely The Last Car This Lorry Driver Wanted To Rear-End

The chances of hitting one of the most expensive cars on the the planet are very slim. You have to feel for the truck driver...

By Alex Kersten, 02 December 2013

Picture 3

This picture - taken in Modena, Italy, on the weekend - is enough to make every petrolhead's skin crawl. Yes, that's a £1m, 950bhp Ferrari LaFerrari and yes, that's a lorry parked in its rear.

Thankfully, however, there are two saving graces; 1) the damage is almost certainly repairable (hopefully there's not too much damage to the hypercar's carbonfibre) and 2) none of the parties were injured in the making of this Ferrari vs truck sandwich.

You really have to feel for the truck driver. No prizes for guessing which one he is in the picture...


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