Oh, You Have A Lifted Truck? That’s Cute, Says This 600hp Off-Roader From Hell

Think you've seen the most badass off roader? Think again...
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Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 13.38.44

There are off roaders and then there are off roaders! This creation – called the ColeWorX buggy Screaming II – is neither of these things. Screaming II is the most badass off-road weapon you’re ever likely to see.

Powered by a small block Chevy V8 with 600hp, this buggy features a Powerglide transmission (two-speed auto ‘box designed by GM), Atlas transfer case (well-known for its strength and use in rock crawling vehicles) and custom 14-bolt axles front and rear for ultimate articulation and quick turning capability. (A bit like Chuck Norris’ Happy Meal toy)

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 13.40.09

Thanks to its light weight (approx 450kg), massive off-road tyres and incredibly strong chassis, Screaming II screams its way up near-vertical terrain like it was a speed bump. The buggy’s driver – Jordan Tanner – also demonstrates laugh out loud (in a good way) car control throughout the video below. We’ll even forgive him flipping the buggy on its roof at the end…


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  • http://www.rageaholicrick.webs.com/ Rick Elliott Jr

    I mostly just found this funny, due to the mass amount of failed attempts..

    • Colby

      No, what would be funny is seeing you try to walk up the stuff hes climbing. piss off hater.


        seriously this thing is insane. straight up beastmode

      • http://www.rageaholicrick.webs.com/ Rick Elliott Jr

        Wow your a hypocrite. Your calling me a hater, by hating on me. Congratulations.

        • Michael Brown

          screw off, don’t be a douche. just enjoy the show, and appreciate the vehicle (i was going to say cars, but i think this thing is a little past being a car)

          • http://www.rageaholicrick.webs.com/ Rick Elliott Jr

            Im not being a douche, just simply stating how hypocritical he was being. Don’t get me wrong, I think the vehicle looks, and sounds insane. I just think the video could have been more amazing.


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