Official: Honda S2000 Has World’s Best Instrument Cluster

Our most popular poll yet with over 13,000 votes registered. Honda S2000, you are the people's champ!
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Last week, we decided to run a little poll. The question? Which car has the world’s best instrument cluster?

And all of a sudden, our little poll wasn’t so little anymore. More than 13,000 of you voted for your favourite. And now, after a few days of voting, the results are in.

With a massive 22 per cent of the vote, the Honda S2000 scored a convincing win, clocking more votes than second and third places combined.


In a respectable second, with nine per cent of the vote, is the Lamborghini Aventador. And in third is the BMW E36 M3 – the only car in our top five with conventional dials – with seven per cent. Rounding out the top five is the Lamborghini Reventon in fourth and Lexus LFA in fifth.

Lamborghini Aventador 1

Towards the tail-end of the top 25 – as chosen by you lot on the Car Memes Facebook page – is, surprisingly, the Ferrari 458 Italia, with only two per cent of the vote. At the very bottom we find the Chrysler Laser XE, with a minuscule 0.45 per cent.

Instrument Cluster Pie Chart

Any of the results come as a surprise? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • force128

    and i still dont know what time it is….

    • markd

      time for 9000 :)

    • guest

      Should’ve bought a watch at walmart

    • AntBalzano

      Who needs time when your v tec kicks in?

    • gentlemansgentalman

      ap2 brah!

    • Joseph Murphy

      sorry guys its force128 lol
      they wouldnt let me log in on with the college computer with anything dealing in facebook

  • Guest


  • Costas Costantinou

    Life begins at 9000 rpm :>

    • Nick

      Life is a rev limiter?

  • Craig

    I prefer AP2 to AP1 but yeah still a great cluster.

  • oReCkx

    This must be a joke right… An S2k piece of crap dash wins over the LFA and Aventador??? You people are a joke.

    • Scott

      You’re a joke.

      • daniel

        its the freakin cluster that wins!!!! not the car dumass

    • BingO

      Best cluster doesn’t mean glossy and girl friendly but efficient, readable with most important informations :)

    • dude

      You dumb ass. S2ks are awesome

  • HerpaDerpa

    Wow. A Honda actually won at something!

  • Jhin Hur

    I say neither of them really deserved it but this is through mass opinion voting so if it won, it won. Personally S60R & V70R is where it’s at for me

  • Meeve

    What Do I get from this? The numbers of Honda fanboy on this page IS TOO DAMN HIGH!!!

  • 9kKing

    Honda made the first car to rev to 9k
    Think of that , Ferrari made one to rev to 9k many many years later

    • bonamin

      You Mean, 9,200. <3

      The S2K, still has got the crown, as fastest Pistons in the History of Production Vehicles…

      ( due to its bore / stroke ratio )

  • varun kashib

    I voted for the S2000 too but I would have preferred it if it were analogue rather than digital…..

  • Wacky_posts

    This is a Joke!, theres a page on facebook called “Honda S2000″ it has over 100,000 fans, its easy to post this competition on a daily basis just to make it “win”. Such a sad day for all of us car enthusiast

    • DC Gonzalez

      If u can’t accept a Honda s2000 in your list your a sad car enthusiast

  • bonamin

    The S2K’s cluster battles for first place in my Heart against the DC2′s cluster
    ( that huge needle that goes down to 10…! ) and the LFA’s!

    That being said, the S200 is definetly going to be the most important classic car in the next years.

    50-100 years from now, people will look back at this old 9,200 RPM screaming grandpa, and are going to say: DAMN that thing had a Heart.

    Honda made this with love. Honda made this with passion. This is going to be unforgetable.

  • BurghConservative

    When I got the S2000, I bought it for how it drove – a Boxster without the high maintenance. I didn’t like the cluster as I prefer analog. But this cluster is PERFECT for this car. It is much easier to see the revs as the head to the peak power band. And the big number for speed is invaluable when your flying down the twisty country road. I find that I can see it without glancing at it, unlike an analog gauge.

    Those of you who don’t think an S2000 belongs on a sports car list, don’t know cars.


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