Nighttime Street Drift Video Is Apocalyptically Cool (But Not Recommended!)

Street drifting's apparently frowned upon in some countries. Not so in Poland, however...
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Street drifters are law-abusing lunatics. Fact. But you won’t find this caliber of driver in Britain. Our roads are narrow and scarred with speed bumps, bacon and O.A.P.s in f**king Honda Jazzes.

Thankfully, we have the US, Baltic states, Russia and Poland to rely on for such matters, where road space is plenty, CCTV cameras non-existent and cops as honest as a £2 note; £2 notes don’t exist in the UK

This latest installment from Poland is an absolute treat. Not only are the cars involved epic in their own rights – a rat-look BMW E30 and rude-as-hell BMW E36 get respect parked up in Maccy Ds – but the film’s cinematography and sountrack are of epic proportion, too. AND, these guys are street drifting in the dead of night

Check it out and share these 4:17 mins of brilliance:

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