Meet The Abandoned F1 Track That Was Once An Epic Street Circuit

Valencia's Street Circuit is now a haunted, tumbleweed-filled ghost town...
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Do you like seeking out abandoned urban jungles? Adrenaline junkies and explorers: say hello to the Valencia Street Circuit, once home to the European Grand Prix.

The Valencia Street Circuit was always criticised for its boring layout and lack of excitement. Fortunately, it doesn’t look to be returning to the F1 calendar any time soon as it’s been completely deserted. These pictures below show what happens when the F1 circus moves on and never returns…


The former European Grand Prix venue had been put forward as an alternative venue to the Spanish Grand Prix, alongside the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, but the deal unfortunately broke down, leaving the circuit exposed to the harsh elements. For motorsport fans, it’s pretty depressing; the track now resembles a ghost town film set, complete with tumbleweed.


With no maintenance or security, thieves have stripped the facility of anything valuable.


Weeds have taken over slip roads, access tunnels have been flooded and bridges have been completely gutted. It’s a far cry from the former glamorous harbour-side race, though the water front areas seem to be faring much better than the concrete-covered track. RIP.



Image credit: 20minutos

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  • AlexSykes

    I wanna buy it. Get a price xD

  • Santos Figueroa

    someone start a kickstarter to reopen this!!!

  • Don Vihanga Keashan

    i mean 10$ contribution is okey with me….. as long as people race in this……

  • Scott Hammill

    I wonder if it’ll be in GT6 as DLC?

  • bob

    If it’s unprotected, can’t people just drive in, clear out the shit in their way and have a race?

    • Darren Cassey

      Amazing idea – 2013 Car Throttle Invitational?!

  • Merci Lago

    Death Race anyone?

  • Tyler D’Elboux

    To bad I really liked this track :(

  • Oliver

    Hi there I may be interested in investing in this please message me if the offer is still open

    • LJ Mackie

      I agree, seems like a legitimate thing to reopen

  • Ivan

    But ricers will be banned from this track!

  • STI Turbo

    spain is suffering greatly from the economic bust, but valencia was alwasy extremely corrupted, and everyone knew that the valencia circuit wouldn’t last.


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