It’s Official: BMW Drivers Are The Biggest Jerks

According to studies into the subject, BMW drivers are the biggest jerks on the road
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Our assumption that BMW drivers are the biggest jerks on the roads is, according to studies, actually true.

Research carried out at the University of California, Berkeley, confirms that “BMW drivers were the worst” at stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks, according to researcher Paul K. Piff. In the study of 152 motorists, every driver behind the wheel of a beater car stopped for pedestrians.

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Interestingly too, drivers of expensive cars (Mercedes and BMWs included) were far more likely to cut other motorists up and jump queues in four-way-stop intersections.

And what of Prius drivers, you ask? “In our higher-status vehicle category, Prius drivers had a higher tendency to commit infractions than most,” said Piff.

What do you think?

While all this makes for interesting reading, we thought it only right to open a poll to see how many of us agree with the study. We’ll update you with the results next week.


Which cars have the highest ratio of jerks behind the wheel?

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  • asdfg

    I love how I vote for a brand and it comes up as having 0 votes after I do.. rigged? Ha

  • ben nibohs

    im a bmw fan but i voted bmw

    • Nicolas Benoit

      well, to be fair its not because you are a BMW fan, that you would drive like them.

    • David Diaz

      I know i Own 2 Of Them, and i drive good i think lol but i still voted BMW too lmfaoo

  • sammy c

    Saab’s? Seems to me none of them fuckers know how to drive??

  • George11

    Subaru owners are by far the biggest douchebags, They’ll walk right by your car without even looking at it, even if you have a nice ass car with lots of tasteful mods, They’ll smile and think they have the fastest car but they’re driving a WRX from 2002, They all claim to have the best driving and shifting, They also drive around like they own the fucking road cause they believe their car is superior to every other car

    • George11


      • anon

        sounds like someone is a little more than butthurt…

      • nicka

        Our cars are superior. Idiot.

    • Alex Ong

      really? you get upset when other people don’t like your car and its “tasteful mods”? what are you, 12 years old?

    • Brock Heubusch

      Why do you care what people think about your car? It’s your car.
      Ex Subaru owner, current Scion owner

    • Ryan Smolik

      Very few (if any) exterior mods are “tasteful” IMHO – but Subaru owners are up there

    • Steve

      well when u buy a car yourself, put money into and absolutely love it, it doesnt matter what car you drive its your baby and other cars are nice but theyre not your car. sounds like daddy bought all your cars. you cant compare apples to oranges, everyone has taste, some might not even like your luxury sedan and love theyre corolla liftback more. and i dono where you live but every subaru driver ive ever met has been great to talk to. idiot

  • 2002daily

    I have a BMW and i will admit it’s true. It is more so those with newer BMWs where as i have a 2002 which almost none of us are a-holes.

  • Bob Jones

    People from Mainland China buy BMWs and yeah.

  • who me?

    the bmw owners have moved onto audi

  • Brian McCarty

    I want to vote for just Prius drivers.

  • Austin loving bastard

    I drive an Austin Allegro everyday, and I drive it like a cunt….

  • troy

    can we just put ‘german car owners’ into one group? it would be 60+ % of the votes

  • iceman48

    voted toyota just bc of the prius. Everyone else has to drive like an ass bc your in the damn way. Move!

  • obexer

    I drive an audi, and I am proud. Audis rule. But sometimes… we like to use our power to cut slow bitches off.

    • Philly

      And like the weave recklessly in and out of lanes, etc etc? I don’t blame you for driving an Audi.

      • Omegazad

        You’re being pushed by my VW engine nigga! audi pride my ass!

        • Yea went there

          Are you mad because your being pushed by your 528373.739362 liter v8 that’s makes like 17hp?

          • Omegazad

            actually i got a 2.0T pushing 210 hp… STOCK

          • Luca

            Mk5 GTI?

          • Luca

            Mk6 even

          • .Yoshi

            idk what 2.0t you have but mine is 200 hp and 207 torque Mk5 GLI

          • Andrew Sherlock

            the mk6′s have 210. I have a mk6 that will do 14′s in the 1/4

          • anthony

            congrads….i have my honda with the motor producing 220hp STOCK with NO TURBO and made in 1993……im not here to pick fights but that was (to be honest) asking for it..and by the way, im a truck driver and i witness on an every day basis german car drivers driving like complete jackasses….no im not saying only german cars, but 90% of them are driving either a vw, audi, or a bmw

          • Alastair

            honda power! ;) h22? b20? or K series engine?

          • Omegazad

            lol 220 hp out of a honda inline 4? without a turbo? Good joke

          • i69withkids

            You are ignorance at its finest.

          • Spike

            i have a N/A 98 honda with a 4 cylinder that’s around 280hp. Granted a little work was done but nothing of any real expense.

          • 99SHbb6

            you have a prelude?

          • Kory Yrok

            LMFAO! unless you’re driving an NSX you just lied to everyone cause not even CTR’s or ITR’s make that horsepower to the wheel

    • Ben

      I’m guilty of doing this in my Audi as well. If you’re in the left lane, you better be going faster than me. I don’t weave traffic or endanger others, I just like to drive… Efficiently.

    • NellaDMV

      yesssss agreed

    • Meeve

      yeah… with your a4 1.8t that does 17s on the quarter mile… a real rocket. (just saying most of audis are not fast car) maybe you own an rs4 who knows? Then thats real power.

      • .yoshi

        Yeah because the 1.8t is still relevant in current audis and vw’s….

        • Meeve

          Guess you’r right, we all own brand new audi model. It is damn relevant to what people drive today, yes.

          • bubs

            Well for starters the 1.8 is easily buildable to 350 whp.


          most of the assholes in audis are young guys who think they got the sweetest audi they paid 5 grand for with 150k on the odo and a 1.8t under the bonnet

      • JDJH

        Trying to understand why you would assume he drives an a4 and not a s5 or something?

    • rxntrik7


      • Emran Maiwand

        Hahaha that kid has 1999 mk4 2.0 and no turbo lol he is pushing 115 hp hahaha my 1996 318is is putting 140hp stock with a even smaller engine lol kids these days think they can just fake numbers and be right smh be happy with you happy and don’t be a poser

    • mac

      ya power is good except your car was more than a bus.

    • Pirasanna

      your an idiot, thats why
      not a bugatti

  • Noname

    Scion TC drivers are idoits as well, pay attention next time you see them ;)

  • paul

    This is Bollocks. I would drive the same way regardless of the make of car, just because I can afford a bm doesn’t make the slightest difference. This is something that a total jerk would come out with. Jealousy really is a powerful thing……..

  • David Hatch-Bernier

    How on Earth can the Prius be classified as a “higher status vehicle?” Those things are a joke.

    • 2010GoldGT

      Because all the BMW douche’s bought a Prius as a status symbol to “go green”

    • Shane

      They’re maniacs is why. You have to be to buy a complete pile of crap for 10′s of thousands of dollars.

  • Cody Paterson

    Honda civic kids think they know everything Bout cars.

  • ZJK

    How’d Porsche end up behind Volkswagen?

  • Ron

    Audi used to be only a gentleman’s car. Now all the BMW jerks are now coming to Audi. BMW drivers need to stick driving BMWs

    • David Diaz

      Oh Plz, Audi Sucks. You know why you guys are not up there, becuase 97% of Audi owners are 60 years old and above. I work at Biener Audi, and trust me they Suck. BMW is The Best! and yes i am a asshole too!

  • Kia owner

    I drive a Kia, no one expects me to drive like I do.

  • ZJE

    I wanted to vote for Peugeot! Does PUEgeot count as well ?

  • NellaDMV

    lmao I find other drivers completely ignorant and unaware of their surroundings….. therefore after being blocked for ten mins on the highway going well under the speed limit I’ll zoom around making sure my existence is known! I drive a BMW ;)

    • BMW_Driver

      I completely agree! I also drive a BMW, I’m always responsible behind the wheel and respect other motorists on the road. Yet the amusing part is I haven’t always driven a BMW, yet once I did buy a BMW, other motorists on the road are completely ignorant to me now. It’s really amazing, depending what you drive is how other people on the road show respect for a person!

  • a


  • Hard Truth

    Mercedes driver are the worst, it ain’t even a discussion.

  • pete

    All the spicks can’t drive at all

    • Sammy Marie Aldous

      i can drive just fine thank you very much -_- racist bastard

  • PeytonEiler

    I put Honda because of all the gay civics and accords that try to cut me off. Until I dig into the throttle of my Mustang GT and blow them away with straight pipes…like a boss.

  • PeytonEiler

    All the people that voted Ford are Chevrolet people. Bastards..

  • e36325is

    Its mostly the BMW owners with the newer models. More than likely they are rich snobby guys that bought the car because it was the most expensive thing they could find in their price range. BMW ENTHUSIAST who usually own 04′s or older CAN DRIVE. Two different kinds of BMW owners

    • David Diaz

      Yes Thank you Fine Sir <~~~~~2001 323 Ci Stanced =)

  • dudeson

    lol we weren’t leaded to an answer for that poll or anything..

  • Ryan Smolik

    Women in Nissans. White Nissans. From Altimas to Armadas. Unbelievably stupid, annoying, self centered, unsafe drivers.

  • tapeman

    Where I live, all the luxury SUV drivers are the worst. They’re the rich people with spoiled shits for children, so they’re always pissed when driving. I’ve been cut off 4 times by Acura MDXs alone

  • Luke

    The dickheads (meaning of jerk in Aus) BMW drivers are the ones that mod up their cars. I’m from Australia and we have 8 BMW’s, the people who are the dickheads on the road here are Audi drivers. BMW’s are on of the cheapest prestige cars to buy here and that why many people have them now but you never and I mean NEVER see a BMW that has been customised.

  • kyle

    Every time I see a late model Malibu on the road, it typically will cut people off, go whether it has the right way or not, and will just be an annoyance to the roads.

  • Akida Knicrumah

    I’ve had 9 Beemers in my 36 years of life, and I think other drivers are just joulous of us Bemmer drivers!!!!

    • atomaton driver

      Bimmer is the car. Beemer is the bike. For some one who has owned 9 in 36 years of life, you should know this.

  • DJLonestarr

    So, I own a BMW and yes a lot of my fellow owners are jerks on the road like that but I will tell you right now, I am not one of them. I have noticed though that since I’ve started owning it, a lot of people try to piss me off. One lady actually crossed the street right in front of me in a residential zone when I was the only car on the road and simply didn’t care if I ran her over or her dog. I will tell you this that at least I had good brakes otherwise in any other car, I couldn’t have stopped so quickly.

  • zahid

    BMW 540i baby. V8 can’t stand anything in front of it lol. Love my car

  • scorun2

    Acura isn’t on this list. Acura drivers are worse than BMW drivers! They think they’re all that, well they’re driving around in glorified Honda Accords.

    • atomaton driver

      hate to tell you but, acura is honda.

  • Jacob Regamey


  • Hanq

    Puegeot – sure.

  • Jeppi

    I’d rather have a M5 and be classified as a jerk instead of not having a M5 and not being classified as a jerk. Just sayin’.

  • Emanuel

    I have an explanation for this. Most drivers of mercs and BMW as snackbars

  • toma

    voted hondas…they just suck period…….sorry to all u fan boys but your little 4 cylinder can suck a dick……

  • lol

    whatever a woman’s driving

  • Jack

    To be fair it’s people that own company vehicles that think they own the road, and they normally have German, BMW Audi merc ect… I have an e36 and drive it hard but responsibly, it’s the mentality that they are better, not the car they drive

  • William Berrios

    i really sat down and reflected on my life over this lol

  • 2.0 20v 5cl turbo 350+ hp

    i drive a fiat tipo :)

  • BMW

    BMW bitches kill everybody ; ) My 330 ci 2006 Dinan 304 HP lets goo hondas and audi 1.8 t ?? :D hahahahahaha were u going my friends BMW KIC U ASS!!

    • thes90sare4ever

      only 304 on a 3 liter? that must suck.

    • E46mPower

      Don’t embarrass BMW legacy, calling out gti’s and Hondas go to a good driving school take your car on a track challenge current mustang gt or don’t even represent BMW cause that’s why it makes top of the list

  • Mart

    Definitely Mercedes-Benz drivers. Here in the Netherlands they think they can park EVERYWHERE and drive as fast as they want, everywhere, every time. So it’s Mercedes for me.
    Honda Civic and Mazda 323F drivers can also be jerks but that’s because they like to show off with their ricer cars.

  • WV17

    Come on…. Holden drivers by far have to be the biggest jerks ever!!! I’ve made it a habit to keep at least 2 cars between me and any Holden driver (more specifically Commodore varieties especially utes)

  • fuckyocouch

    Anyone driving a Camaro is a twat.

  • Ryan Hill

    I Drive A Bmw…but I Dont Drive It Like An Asshole Unless Someone Gives Me A Reason Too. Ie Driving Under The Speed Limit, Being An Idiot,So On So forth

  • Motori Minarelli

    I just hate White, upper-middle class females that drive big ass SUVs like racecars.

  • LeTronique

    ITS NOT THE PERSON BEHIND THE WHEEL, ITS THE EMOTION THE CAR EVOKES!!!! In my beater Civic, I obey laws and usually am pretty tame on the road. Then when I rent an Audi or a BMW, well… CHicago turns into San Andreas.

  • Tacos

    I drive a bmw nd am a pretty chill drive so i disagree

  • Peruvian

    What power? LOL and h22 alldayyyy

  • Clinton Davolt

    what about jags?

  • Colton Kelsey

    I see Mitsubishi is the lowest on the list, must be because most of them are impossible to keep on the road.

  • ejfne

    No lexus choice..

  • Raphael Thiffault Leblanc

    Ford drivers! Every friggin time someone is tailgating me it’s one of these huge ass expedition or ugly ford edge, let’s not talk about fusion drivers… They want to go 150km and are the first to shit brick when the price of gas is high…

  • harman

    Why isn’t Cadillac up there?

  • liam

    how is honda up there? most are driven by old grannies and the rest are driven by me!

  • Ben

    I drive bmw e36, yeah it’s a black coupe, but nevertheless, i dont honk at slow people or cut them off, i’m just calm dont rush things, especially on the road, where safety matters the most

  • Nico Roy

    Proud to be a Zdriver !!;)

  • HerpaDerpa

    I was going to vote for Hyundai but it’s not an option on the poll. :( In my opinion they are the worst at following ANY type of law.

  • ph_l_p

    Where’s Infiniti?

  • E46@13

    So here it goes from a BMW owner ;
    1 where are yellow cabs on that list?
    2 who cares what you drive, if you drive in the left lane same spead as truck accelerating uphill you make the top list
    2 changing lanes without blinker, driving on high beams and don’t see blue light on their gauge cluster (what is it?)
    3 truckers racing at speeds of incredible 46 mph on a 65 mph zone
    4 Honda civics with a huge muffler and all different colors that look what to crash in to


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